Question about machine modalities

I’m researching different options fomachines and I’m wondering this:

Are all machines which offer blend technique capable of performing only galvanic? I’m assuming by simply turning the thermolysis intensity down to zero or off.

Or should I be searching for epilators that are strictly galvanic, although I’m not sure I can recall ever seeing one

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The Sterex SX-G is a machine that only operates with galvanic current. If you knew you were only going to perform galvanic on yourself, then you would save money in comparison to buying a machine that provides both currents. The downside is that you obviously limit yourself to only one modality.

You can either turn down or turn off the RF on a blend epilator or buy a galvanic only machine. If you are a DIYer and never anticipate the need for RF or blend, I recommend the Sterex. I believe they make a galvanic only machine.

Yes I would prefer all the modalities.

And I’m wanting one that is computerized that will not require me to use a foot switch. I’m assuming the sterex galvanic only has that capability

any machine capable of blend will do what you want it to do.most machines come with an automatic function, only very old machines would not. blend is just a combination of thermolysis and galvanic and anything that can mae a blend current can have its settings set to zero for the modalities you arent using. Old Apilus machines are good for learning as they are simple to determine energy levels.