Question about LightSheer and CoolGlide

I’m Indian with Type IV skin, and I was basically looking into both the LightSheer diode and the CoolGlide.

I was wondering if hair thickness is a factor in determining which would be most effective. Is one of these lasers better than the other for removing very coarse, black hair?

Get test spots with each laser. Since you are a type IV that may be too dark for the Lightsheer. I am a type IV and cannot be treated with the Lightsheer unless I have stayed out of the sun for at least 3 months. The Coolglide is more compatible with darker skin. I have been treated with a similar laser (Sciton) on my beard with excellent results.RJC2001

Yes, I was planning on getting test patches done with both. I was just a little confused because I read somewhere that the Coolglide is better at getting finer hair on dark skin. But since the hair on my legs is thick and dark, I wasn’t sure if the Lightsheer would be better…My legs have been out of the sun for a long time, so this is as light as they get.

Anyway, I have a consultation in a few days, so I’ll see what the dermatologist thinks…