Question About Licensure/CPE Exam


I’m an electrology student & I was just looking at AEA’S website just now. They have a video on their website describing their CPE exam & it was detailing how the exam process involves biometrics. You repeatedly get both hands scanned & fingerprinted & stored with a facial recognition scan of your face. I was planning on taking the CPE exam test but after seeing that video, it kind of seems very invasive & Big Brother-ish. I have nothing to hide, but the whole biometric process in that video seems a bit much. Has the process to take the CPE exam always been like that, & is it the same process to get licensed ? Once again, I have nothing to hide,but the whole process demonstrated on that video seems a bit Big Brother/police state - ish & I was wondering if the process was always like that.


No, the process was not always like that, but we must get the livestock used to the new methods of control.

When people say, “If you have got nothing to hide, why not comply?” it seems to me like they are advocating telling the thieves where their valuables are, and how best to rob them.

As for the CPE exam biometrics, don’t think the AEA cooked up this scheme all on their own, it is the roll out of things to come. The CPE is administered by the same people who do the SAT, LSAT and so on. Your doctors and lawyers are, or will be doing the same thing when they take their tests. Now combine this test taking protocol with the NSA’s use of Facebook, the Real ID act, Patriot Act, ad nauseam and what do you get? Big Brother wants to know who knows how to do what, and make sure to control and tax/extort an ever increasing portion of what everyone does. If you don’t like this glimpse at the future, do what you can to show it to others, and if enough people vote with their feet so that the public relations campaigns for these types of programs fall flat on their faces, then maybe this future can be avoided.

Of course, that’s the optimist view.