Question about LHR on a male's legs!

Hey everyone! New to the forum here, been reading them and everyone sounds really helpful. I’m 27 years old male from Toronto Canada. I think I’m skin type 3, light skin and dark coarse hair. Luckily I’m pretty smooth, only body hair I have is on my legs, underarms and a little bit on my happy trail. The amount I have on my legs isn’t excessive but average I’d say but I always liked the look of smooth legs or at least thinner leg hair so was thinking of trying laser out but I have a question since I’m totally shy when it comes to doing these types of things.

How exactly does it work in terms of the actual procedure? I mean I know how laser works, and based on the forums I want to use an alexandrite but I’m more just curious how the actual procedure works in the office. I want to treat my entire legs and thighs since I have hair pretty much to my bikini line. Would I basically have to take my pants off and just lie there in my briefs during the whole procedure? Since it sounds like it will take awhile and I’m so shy that really doesn’t sound like much fun to me. I assume that’s pretty much the only way to do it, or do people just wear shorts and pull them up or? When I say I’m shy with this I mean it… that’s pretty much the only thing holding me back from doing LHR on my legs. Thanks!

Well, for the upper legs/ bikini area, you will probably need to be in briefs (but they give you a sheet to cover areas that aren’t being treated if you’re shy).

For the lower legs, you could certainly just wear shorts. I wear normal-length pants for my lower legs and just roll them up to the knee.

You may want to just do the lower legs to start until you get more comfortable with the practitioner AND find out how well the laser works for you.

Good luck! :slight_smile: