Question about LHR and UK clinics.

I’m just wondering, as I’ve been doing a bit of research lately about LHR, (this site is fab by the way), I’ve heard it mentioned a lot that it works best on dark hair and light skin. I have coarse hair on my legs, all over, shins and thighs (lucky me), I’m female, 32, and the hair is medium dark, not very dark, but not light brown either, even when I shave, you still see little dark shadows where the follicles are under the skin. My skin is probably between II and III. Is it worth me risking trying LHR? Also, does anyone know how to find a good LHR practitioner in the UK? I live in the south east.

Yes, those areas respond well. You need an alexandrite laser like GentleLASE. If you look in the FAQ post at the top of the forum, there is a link to provider search with this laser in the last question. You can also run a search here for your city.