Question about LASER hair removal.

I want to know if laser hair removal gives permanent reduction or long lasting hair removal. Also, I went to the website of Romeo and Juliette (which is considered one of the best laser center in NYC), but on their website it “talks” about laser giving long lasting results. It doesn’t say anything about permanent reduction. So again my question is: Is laser permanent hair reduction or long lasting hair removal??

When done properly, laser results in a permanent hair reduction (generally about 80-90% of the hair is gone after 6 treatments, and what isn’t gone is generally much thinner). Laser can not remove every hair, so for people who want more hair removed, they will often follow it up with electrolysis afterwards. Depending on what area you wish to treat, it may be better to just start with electrolysis. You also need to make sure the hair you want to treat with laser is course, dense, and dark.

Thank you Brenton. Yes, from my understanding I know that the hair has to be coarse think and dense enough for laser to take affect. Also, the color of skin plays a role.

If laser does contribute to permanent hair reduction if done properly, then why do people still say its for long lasting hair removal?

Should result in permanent reduction - allso decent settings, coarse and dense black hair are no guarantee for permanence :wink:

Make your own research before you jump in - there is a lot of money involved, so you may easily get the wrong informations.


Thank you for your comments Audrey. If one comes for a consultation, one can find out exactly what results to expect based on their situation. We like to keep the expectations low and deliver on our promises. There are areas of the body that we feel very comfortable in touting " permanent hair reduction " while there are other areas that we are more comfortable in saying " long lasting results ".

It is fortunate that readers have your contributions, Chris, I wish there were more honest professionals like you.

I see, well thanks for the info Chris.

Laser can’t remove every single hair, thus only a “reduction” is the legally approved term that clinics can use in the US. At a certain point, you’ll reach diminishing returns where the remaining hair is too fine and sparse to be affected. This is explained in the FAQs below.