Question about Joules -- help!

Hi all!

I had a test spot done about a week ago on my face and things went so well I’ve scheduled an appointment in about another week to have my whole face done. I’m 24 year old Male with light skin, dark hair. The practitioner used a Gentlelase with 20 joules and 12 spot. The area was red afterwards but the redness went down after a couple days.

The thing is that now I’m wondering if 20 joules was enough. I certainly could smell the hairs burning…and at first I didn’t see any hairs visible on the skin surface. But after a couple days, some started pushing up…The thing is that they aren’t really “growing”–it just continually looks like I shaved the day before and they stay very short…I’m guessing that they are reaching the surface and sort of falling apart and rubbing off…weird?..Anyway…after a lot of trying I can grab one or two and pull at them. Sometimes I don’t feel anything, sometimes I feel a bit of a tug (like a twinge of plucking pain), and sometimes its in between.

Anyway, I’m wondering now if 20 joules is enough! I’ve read here that most people try to use more? But I’m awfully scared of hurting the skin on my face. Does anyone here have any advice based on the effects I’m having? Is it normal to have some of the hairs still give resistance, and to have this sort of continual “shaved-yesterday” look? I’m glad to answer any questions that would help. Thanks a bunch to anyone with advice!!!

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you need to wait 3 full weeks after treatment to let all your hairs shed. 1 week is not enough. don’t pull on any hairs that are resisting. scrub your face gently when you wash your face and they will shed themselves over the next 2 weeks.

what is your skin and hair type? higher joules are good, but you need to avoid your skin getting burned. 20 joules is ok to start your treatments with, especially on dark coarse hair, but will need to be upped with each treatment.

Thanks Lagirl, I have light skin…probably around a type II I burn a bit when first in the sun but then get a decently even tan. (Everyone says its pale so <img src="/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/tongue.gif" alt="" /> ) I have very dark course hair also on my face. Thanks a bunch!

for a type II, you can probably go up to 35 or so with GentleLASE. Just have to be careful of course and make sure to start wearing sunblock daily from now on to make sure your skin is as white as possible