Question about Irritation/Ingrowns

Hi there,

I have my chest waxed periodically, and the last couple of times have resulted in the emergence of a lot of red pimples throughout the area waxed within a day or two after I have it done. I find the pimples really unsightly, and they sort of defeat the purpose of having my chest waxed in the first place, as they certainly don’t make it any more appealing than the hair was to begin with (and they don’t go away immediately, either; it usually takes a good ten to fourteen days for them to disappear completely). Can anyone offer me some advice regarding how best to deal with this? I have been waxed in the past by the same person without the outgrowth of pimples afterward, and as far as I know, the wax used hasn’t changed…Would something like Tend Skin be effective in preventing this sort of breakout? I have also had someone recommend the Solution 2 rollerball…Is that a good option, or am I better off with Tend Skin for this sort of thing? Or are neither appropriate? I really could use some advice, and would be extremely grateful for any help anyone can offer!!! Many thanks.