Question about if this is normal or should I give more time between treatments

Currently been doing electrolysis for about 6 appointments all being 1 hour long for just about a year 2-4 months between appointments
previously before this I had done laser to thin the hairs and they all ended up turning blond so I was told electrolysis is the next step so here I am

I’ve been reading on here and getting very mixed signals if this is over treatment or if this is just the skin needing time to heal I have very sensitive skin my electrolysis tec says but im just hoping to get a second opinion if this is normal ( I go to a dentist to get frozen before appointments because it hurts to much and haven’t had much luck with lidocaine creams)

1 month after

I’ve still got another month before my next appointment but im wondering if I should be spacing them out a little more

3 days after

another 1 month but other side

A month between appointments is enough time.

I personally don’t like to see any scabbing on the face at all, but in this case the size of the scabs isn’t particularly concerning. There are one or two spots where more care should be taken, but it looks fine overall.

Your skin is going to have pigmentation and texture issues during the schedule of treatments. This is temporary and will heal once you’re all finished. I notice that many people see these issues improve even while in treatment.

Make sure you’re not scratching the scabs off in any way. Continue with a basic skincare routine and avoid sun exposure. You could ask your electrologist if any changes can be made to avoid the scabbing.

Ok thank you

Ive asked her about the scabbing and her reply was if I came in more often over time id have less scabs and she says its just cause how sensitive my skin is which I dont disagree i do have fairly sensitive skin

Thank you for clearing this up as normal she said it was i just wanted a second opinion

Well, I can recommend you to use a Frénésies hair growth prevention cream. I am extremely happy with the result, already after 3rd treatment I have quite no hair on my legs and chin. But I am using their men’s cream, it is stronger, but with a menthol, so kind of freshness will be feeled.
But the result is dramatically good. You even can not imagine how much money I’ve spent for laser to get rid of unwanted hair. My sincere recommendation.

Products like you describe usually work by stripping the cuticle off the hair shaft which makes the hair thinner, but in no way do they have the capability to prevent hair growth nor are they capable of permanent hair removal.

Well, in my situation hair are not growing, and others became thinner and weak, the result that I ‘ve received is outstanding. Definitely will make one or two more treatments with frénésies cream.