Question about I.P.L ??

Hey people.
I have been having electrolysis for 18 months with very slow,gradual yet pleasing results, however have experienced some bad skin reactions and what is possibly scarring - time will tell.

Am now looking into the prospect of IPL to get the end results I desire. ( by the way…I am very very fair skinned, 25yr old male , Eastern European background , with mid-dark brown hair).

My biggest concern (more-so than IPL not working) is the possibility of IPL triggering further hair growth, or activating dormant follicles to produce hair)

So… Im just wandering whether there is the same incidence of anecdotal evidence of IPL triggering further,new hair growth as the amount of anecdotal accounts of Laser-removal doing so???

whats the consensus on this?


this is only an issue on certain areas on males. you don’t mention what area you’re planning to get treated. also, why did you decide to go with IPL (you don’t mention which ones, there are varying effectiveness levels depending on which IPL machine too). You would probably get much better results with a true laser, like alex or diode if your skin is light.

Thanks for the reply lagirl.
FYI, Its upper arms , shoulders and back that Im currently treating by way of electrolysis, but its a very very slow process. some areas are dense , others patchy but all hair is medium-dark brown.
There are also a number of moles and freckles across my shoulders and back if thats an issue.

anyone else know if IPL would be good or suitable??
Or if it has the same potential (as many anecdotes suggest) as certain lasers to cause new hair growth ?

cheers for any feedback folks,

all lasers/IPLs have the potentials. It’s not NEW growth per se, it’s dormant hair follicles being stimulated by the heat. It doesn’t matter from what type of machine. They all use this heat. There are a couple of IPLs that have had ok reviews including Palomar, Harmony, and Prowave. If it’s not one of those, I would definitely go with a true laser. Since your hair is brownish, I would definitely go with a powerful alexandrite machine like GentleLASE with a large spot size for best results and at HIGH settings.

Good points about brown hair! I’ve never had any brown hair, either black, blonde or white. I suspect brown hair may be a little more difficult to treat unless it is really coarse!