question about hair stages


I’m a 21-year old, moderately hairy male. I’ve been wanting to get rid of my body hair ever since I got it :smile:

I’ve been doing research on methods/prices/etc since I was around 15 or 16. Now that I’m older, hopefully wiser, and have saved up a little money, I’m looking to start. I’ve read just about every article/website related to hair removal and just about everything on hairfacts and hairtell (thanks andrea!)

I’ve had laser hair removal done on my neck and shoulders about two years ago with GentleLase. The hair has, obviously, fully regrown, but every couple of months I notice that I can go an extra week without shaving my neck (not surprisingly.)

That’s my introduction, here’s my question:
The light hairs on my back have recently been getting darker and coarser and longer. I can just look at my dad and trace the future pattern of hairgrowth on my back. But I know that LHR works only on pigmented hairs, is there any way I can get rid of my back hair before it grows fully? (because it will :smile: ) Or do I have to wait until at least most of the hairs have reached full growth and then start the treatment? My gut feeling is wait, but I thought I’d ask.

I have light skin with dark hair and I tan well and rarely burn.


How many treatments did you have with the Gentlelase? Most of what I’ve read about it is not good.

If the hair is getting darker and more coarse you’re ready for laser. It works better on coarse hair.

Good luck.


Electroysis could nip those small hairs in the bud and you would have permanent hair removal from the start.

If you are considering laser don’t wait too long. As you get older, some hair will turn white and it cannot be treated with laser. I had white hairs starting in my 30s. I didn’t realize how many I had until the laser removed most of the black hairs. I’m getting the white ones with electrolysis and it is working quite well.


I guess wait until 24 or 25 would be the best time for you to start, and it also depends on when you started growing hair.
And make sure the treated area don’t get tan before laser treatment.

Thanks for all the responses.

I’ve only had one treatment with GentleLase, so I can’t really say how effective it was. If I understand correcly, treating the light hairs that haven’t “matured” yet is useless with laser?

</font><blockquote><font size=“1” face=“Verdana, Helvetica, sans-serif”>quote:</font><hr /><font size=“2” face=“Verdana, Helvetica, sans-serif”>Originally posted by someguy88:
<strong>If I understand correcly, treating the light hairs that haven’t “matured” yet is useless with laser?</strong></font><hr /></blockquote><font size=“2” face=“Verdana, Helvetica, sans-serif”>Yes. As I asked during my treatment. The technician told me those hair are too fine and too light. (In fact no one can see those hair unless very close.)

Hi someguy-- glad I could provide lots of laser info! GenteLASE can work well for some, but on fine hairs getting darker over time, there may not be enough melanin to cause permanent damage to the follicle.

You can zap them with electrolysis as they come in, which will be a regular routine for a long time (think in years). Alternately you could wax for now, and then give them a good zap with a laser once they’re dark and you’ve let them grow out.

Not sure why the laser didn’t do it for you, but GentleLASE is saturated in the marketplace. Its cheap cost meant that a lot of people who shouldn’t be using one are using one, so it may be you got a bad practitioner. Either that, or you’re just one of those lucky folks who don’t respond to laser.

If I were you and wanted a permanent result, I’d get them as they come in with electro, but this might be a hassle schedule-wise unless you fuind somoene really good who is nearby (no small feat).

Wish I had more encouraging news! Good luck!

Thank you for the info, Andrea!

I’d like to correct myself. I didn’t mean to make it sound as if laser didn’t work for me. I just had one treatment with it, so I can’t really tell if I’ve had drastic hair reduction (certainly not on my neck.) From what everyone says at least 3 to 4 treatments are required for noticeable results.

(I got that one treatment at Smooth Synergy and Nicole was very nice and took her time.)

Another reason why it may not have worked is that the hair on my neck is pretty thick (and was a quite painful area during the procedure) and my shoulders didn’t have much hair on them yet. I certainly would not dismiss LHR, and would like to do it right this time, with properly timed appointments.

As far as laser machines go, GentleLase seems to be the cheapest and most widespread machine. In the NYC area EpiLight is also popular, and there’s a place that uses CoolGlide. From this forum and your main site it seems that EpiLight yields more controversial results (perhaps because it’s more difficult to operate?) So I was thinking about sticking with GentleLase unless someone can recommend a different machine for my skin/hair type (probably type II)

Thanks again for all the info!

I’d avoid EpiLight, but the machine is not as important as the practitioner. GentleLASE is fine, but you have to go to someone with TONS of experience and set up a treatment plan if you hope to see a permanent change.