Question about gray hair removal

I’m asking this one for my brother, who has some hair he wants removed on his chest and back. The hair used to grow in darker, like a dark brown, but is now coming in mixed with gray hair, lots of gray in some areas. Is there a laser they’ve come up with yet that would get him good results for hair like this?

NO! There is NO laser tht will remove grey hairs. The ONLY method of permanent hair removal for greys or light brown hair is electrolysis. Worse, there tends to be more than you think, or than seems to be showing . I started laser on my face a few years ago trying to “beat the clock” and get most of the dark hairs before there were too many greys. I was largely unsuccessful and had to do countless hours of electrolysis on my chin where most of them were.


In year 2013, there is nothing on this earth that will permanently reduce or remove gray hair, except electrolysis. As a practicing electrologist, with a very busy practice, gray hair removal is always a part of the agenda for the day. Electrolysis works for these and all hair colors and structures.

He needs to find an electrologist that can professionally remove more than a 1x1 inch area of hair in one hour and who can punch those tough gray hairs with the right amount of energy for the right amount of time.

I personally like to use a specific thermolysis mode that moves the process along, so the hair follicle is disabled in less than a second. If not much is accomplished in an hours time, you will become hopeless and broke. With that said, don’t expect instant results. He will need a series of treatments spread out over several months. Not easy, but it works,

What kind of thermolysis intensity/mode are you using on such hairs, and what would you guage the thickness at? I still havent done any thermolysis ( too chicken to! I tend to stick to blend ) but I might try a few test spots. I dont have the time constraints most of you all do but as my insertions get better and better ( they are pretty slick these days !) I am developing interest in other more speedy methods.


I use Synchro thermolysis, best described as the rat-at-tat-tat machine gun modality found only on the Apilus Platinum and Pure (optional).

Synchro is multiple pico pulses at 2/1000 seconds of PicoFlash . Ideal and effortless to treat deep coarse hairs to destroy the lower 2/3 rds of the follicle. You have to do a slight movement of the probe from the papilla to the bulge to do this correctly. Insulated probes are recommended, but I occasionally will choose gold. Vision aid should be very good so you can always focus on the top layer of skin.

Here is a level I used on a woman’s eyebrows :

Only needed this for few tough ones and then I switched back to PicoFlash mode as this level would have been too high for most of her hairs.

Synchro is too risky for you to do at this point Seana. Not for DIY electrolysis. Blend is what you should stick to, but again, be very ,very careful or you may end up with scarring. What you are doing with your set up is very complicated.

Thanks Dee. With your pico-pulse thermolysis is sthis similar to the multiplex option on the lower apilus machines?
What is the reasoning for moving from the papilla to the bulge, and how re you determining the insertion depth to accurately escimate where the bulge is? I’m trying to understand how this is fundamentally different than performing a shallow insertion and performing thermolysis that way.

When working on myself ,I do stick to blend as I cant guage the inserrtions consistently accurately enough to do thermolysis unless I’m working on my chin or lip.The cheeks become more of a challenge to get spot on every time. This changes when I’m working on the other side of the loop on someone else, where accuracy is greatly improved and I can accurately guage the angles. I do have two I’m working on at the moment that could benefit from faster treatment times but I’m ever-cautious on treatment times and intensities. I do like to see what others are doing with different modulations because I lean from it.



Well, thanks for the info! I will pass it along to him and see what he wants to do.