Question about Glucophage - Metformin

Hi. I do not have PCOS or Diabetes but I do have excess testosterone and excess body hair - my doctor suggested I take Glucophage XR 500mg once a day.
Do any of you know if Glucophage works in reducing excess hair if a person does NOT have PCOS?

Would love to hear any experiences with it…

I have checked my version of the Physicians Desk Reference and can find no ties to Hair increase or decrease with Glucophage/Metformin. The primary use of this medication is for type 2 diabetis which you know. But from my personal experience, it seems to me that the hairs on my skin have actually increased while taking it, instead of having the hairs decline.
I would be interested in knowing why your doctor choose this medication when the cause is excess testosterone.

I guess one would have to ask the doctor.

It mentions on the web page, “Second Type Woman” that Metformin (Glucophage) that “although normally associated with diabetes, it’s now also considered useful for aiding and enhancing the bodyfat redistribution (including limbs and face) of transsexual women taking oestrogen.”

However before I ask my doctor for this I tried to confirm this claim on Google, and I have not found anything. If anyone has further information please post.

Here is the link

i am on 2000mg/day and have had pcos for years.

it is not first line of treatment for hair reduction, or for pcos. it was so hard for me to get hold of it.

it has helped me IMMENSELY for the pcos, but not for the hair. it tackles the issue of insulin resistance, which is thought to be the cause of pcos, strongly related at least.

my hair problem is mostly hereditary i think, my lutenizing hormone is elevated but my testosterone is very low.

if you have high testosterone and excess hair, you can better ask about spirolactone. it’s effectiveness has been questioned but it’s intention is to help lower the testosterone levels in your body, thus slowing the hair growth. i know of many women who have been successful in getting rid of acne and supressing excess hair growth whilst using this drug.

i do not recommend dianette/diane35, a contraceptive which boasts about getting rid of acne and slowing hair growth. it’s a pretty nasty contraception, many women’s healthcare professionals are trying to get women off the drug as it’s dreadful for your liver, amongst other things. ALL of my complaints got worse whilst on this drug, i won’t even go there.

fyi my test blood results returned “normal”. on second glance i noticed my elevated lh which suggests pcos. i was diagnosed under the rotterdam criteria with an ultrasound.