Question About Follicle Enhancer

My electrologist had to use this on the back of my neck, since the hairs there are blonde and very small. It wiped right off with no problem, but a friend warned me she’d heard horror stories about it getting “Stuck” in the skin and leaving permanent black marks. I think she’s thinking of the carbon dye they used to use with the old-timey “laser hair removal” but I’m not sure. I don’t want to use it again until I know it’s not going to make me up. Someone mentioned brown eyeshadow for this purpose. I do need something, because otherwise the hairs are impossible to see.


With high powered halogen lamps, and powerful binocular loupes, or scopes, even blonde hairs are easy to see with no marking products.

I used Essica enhancer when I was learning years ago, and had no trouble. Frankly, even if the particles made it into the follicle they would just be expelled (probably as part of a juicy zit!) The ‘ink’ is just not fine enough to stay in the skin, like tattoo pigments.

Really? Hmmm. My guy uses the funny microscrope-looking spectacles and a high powered lamp. Maybe his eyes aren’t good, but I don’t know. The only hairs I have left are weird; they are clear at the base, but have a little bit of pigment at the end. Regardless, they are getting zapped so I am happy.

With the proper lighting and a good pair of loupes, follicle enhancer really isn’t necessary for either gray or blonde hairs. Even with small, fine hairs the electrologist has the option to spot their follicles by either reflected light or by putting the lamp behind the hairs in a manner that makes them floresce. Either way the follicle enhancer really isn’t necessary. Another method of highlighting the follicles is to apply a thin coat of calamine lotion. It’s also cheaper than the follicle enhancer.

Even so, I’ve never heard of anyone having any permanent discoloration from this. However, I have seen some people who have used the Globe Electrolysis units that had the probe hooked up to the positive pole - which produced a bunch of little black spots in their skin from the break-down of the stainless steel in the probe from reversed polarity…

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