Question about electrolysis

First, thanks for this site and to the forum members for giving.

I am probably not the average person to find at this site. I male student in his early 20’s working towards an electrical engineering degree. Im actually not very concerned with my appearance in general. However, one particularly “hairy” physical trait has been embarassing and bothering me since I started dating. I have too much pubic hair. Even worse pubic hair grows on the sides of my penis. Maybe you have heard the term, “sideburns.” Nobody has ever commented on it because I have always either shaved or plucked it. When I didnt have very much time I would sometimes use tape to pluck several hairs at once. Sorry if this is a little bit gross, but atleast you dont have to deal with it! So, I am concidering a permanent hair removal method because it seems to be growing thicker, just like facial hair, with every shave (you can imagine how painful plucking is). But, well, this stuff is just so foreign to me. Ive done the research. But I dont feel comfortable with this at all. I mean, first of all who would be willing to perform the electrolysis. And can you imagine how awkward that would be. Blah.

Go to the mature section. Plenty of people have had and are having this done. Don’t be embarrassed, techs have seen it all before. However, you are right not all techs would do this area so you must find someone who would.

Shaving will not make it thicker, plucking however may.