Question about electrolysis side affects

Hello. I have had about 4 20-25 minute electrolysis treatments using thermolysis method. I believe the machine she used was an apilus? Or something similar to that name. My first treatment went well and I had about one or two scabs. Same for the second treatment. By the third I had many more scabs and noticed a few dark spots. I also noticed that it hurt more and I teared up each time she zapped me. The fourth treatment she lowered the setting because I had mentioned the scabbing and the pain. This time didn’t hurt as much just every other zap. I left satisfied but the next day noticed I had very dry flakey skin where I had been treated. I was told to use desitin diaper cream for after care so that’s what I did. I told my electrologist about the dryness and she said to use bacitracin and zinc instead because a cream is too heavy and may need to be rubbed in much more which will cause scabs to rub off and cause pitting… Well I may have said something a bit too late because at this point I have already been using the desitin day and night. Tonight is the fourth day since my electrolysis appointment. the dryness has cleared but I notice what looks like open pores/ holes on the right side of my lip and I’m praying this isn’t the pitting she is talking about. The dots are a slight faded red that you can only see up close and personal they are not raised but are not deep either… Are these pits? Are they permanent? If so how do I treat them?

Without seeing you and only going on your account, I would not worry. Give it time to heal. Most side effects disappear and all is well.

I would like to see a quality picture if you are so inclined.

Thanks for the response! I do have a picture but I’m not sure how to post it here…

Do you have an email or someway I could send it to you? I can’t figure it out on this site it says my image is too big.