Question about electrolysis and no medication?

I’m new to this website, so my apologies if I am posting this question in the wrong place.
I’m 22 years old and I was diagnosed with PCOS when I was 18. After that I have tried various different pills (microgynon, dianette and yasmin) and spironolactone…however, none of the pills suited me well, one caused high blood pressure, one caused mood swings and depression. So my GP has decided to put me off medication completely and told me to just follow a healthy diet and exercise, which I do already. I have tried laser hair removal for the facial hair but it grew back and I don’t see any point in doing it without medication as I’ve heard its ineffective. I have now started electrolysis and am happy with the treatment but will the hair reduce at some point or will I have to keep on having weekly electrolysis sessions? At the moment I am having a one hour session weekly. Also, will electrolysis be successful without medication? My electrologist said she had someone else with PCOS and in 6 years was able to clear her facial hair? Also, would it be worth getting laser for other parts of the body when I am not taking any medication? I do have a high testosterone level and insulin resistance. The only medication I am taking is metformin. I am also trying to lose weight but I have a healthy BMI of 23.
To summarise, my main questions are:

  1. Will the electrolysis treatment work without being on medication to treat the underlying hormonal problem?
  2. Is it worth getting laser hair removal on other body parts when not taking medication?
    Thank you.

Schwarzbein Principle (Diana Schwarzbein, MD)

A local physician (endocrinology) has been active in this (non-medication approach) field for years. Take some time to read through the information on her website. (My friend Nancy Deville “ghosted” her books and another friend, Orien Frazier, did the illustrations. I have worked with several of her patients.)

Hey Patel, my name is Araya I am Indian with fair skin and extremely dark hair and have a severe case of PCOS. I am currently 21 and have had to take a gap year from University as it was all getting a bit too much. I am currently getting laser hair removal everywhere and it’s working pretty good on my body however my hormonal profile is normal according to my gp and endo although i dont think it’s normal for my body. if you want to talk we can certainly do so i am more than happy to share everything i have tried so far. spironolactone caused severe depression for me and i dont want to go back there although sometimes i think i should. I have been getting electrolysis on my face for around three months yes my hair is thinner but i need someone with more experience and someone who can do this for me a lot sooner. I have been in touch with an electrologist from this board and will visit her as soon if laser doesnt work on my neck and chest. I decided to have laser on my neck as i have thick and coarse hair there and electrolysis on my face as I have both fine and coarse hairs and want to prevent hair stimulation due to laser. (although i experienced this when i was 17/18) have a look at summer crush she is amazing and also has PCOS. Take care lovely and if you need someone to talk to and share your journey I am more than happy :slight_smile:

Thanks Michael, I will definitely have a look at the Schwarzbein Principle.

Thanks Araya! I’ll try sending you a message. Would be lovely to hear what someone else in the same position as me has been doing.