Question about CoolGLIDE

Hello Everyone:

A few months ago I began getting laser hair removal treatments. Since I am olive complexioned I chose a business that had the CoolGLIDE.

My first treatment was with both the CoolGLIDE and the GentleLASE PLUS. The tech used the CoolGLIDE on my legs and the rest of my body with the GentleLASE PLUS. She said my legs were darker than the rest of me, but my stomach, chest, and privates were all the same color as my legs, go figure.

Two weeks post treatment I had smooth bald streaks on my legs where the CoolGLIDE was used. I had patchy results and lots of regrowth with the GentleLASE PLUS.

My next treatment I found out that the CoolGLIDE had suffered from a lightening storm and was out of commission. So, the GentleLASE PLUS was used on all parts of my body.

Again, I had patchy results and regrowth six weeks later. There were still bald streaks with the first treatment with the CoolGLIDE. I also sustained burns, hives, itching, and redness with the second treatment with the GentleLASE PLUS on my darker skin areas. This occured within 24 hours post treatment. My face and underarms, which are lighter in color, didn’t have the horrible reaction. When I contacted the office, I was told to apply Neosporin.

During my third treatment I found out that the CoolGLIDE was not coming back and all of my further treatments would have to be with the GentleLASE PLUS. I had all parts treated again with the same laser and I sustained worse burns with the GentleLASE PLUS than before on my darker colored areas. Again, the office manager told me to apply Neosporin to the affected areas.

I was told that the joules were less this time around than with treatment number two with the GentleLASE PLUS. No hair growth with one treatment with CoolGLIDE, but some hair growth with the GentleLASE PLUS treated areas.

The Owner/RN who did the first and second treatments on me said I would need 12 treatments with the CoolGLIDE than I would with the GentleLASE PLUS, which would only be six, to get the same hair free results.

Since I am now so confused, I thought I would ask the readers of this board what your opinons are with my situation.

1)Is it true that I would need 12 treatments with the CoolGLIDE rather than the usual six to achieve the same results as with the GentleLASE PLUS?
2)Is the CoolGLIDE best for olive skinned individuals? I did 2 years of reseach and had three consults before chosing this place of business to begin laser hair removal treatments.
3)Is the CoolGLIDE a NY:NAG laser which is best suited for darker skinned individuals?

The Owner/RN and the finance/Manager of the office are trying to convince me that the CoolGLIDE is only useful on African American persons and that I don’t need it. Is this also true?

During my three consults, including this one, I was told (after showing the representatives my legs) that I would need the CoolGLIDE to be treated for best results.

On a side note, the Owner and Manager were trying to put me on a four week schedule because “The owner wants four week schedules for the summer.” This sounds fishy to me as well as the 12 treatments, AND that only African Americans should be treated with the CoolGLIDE (African Americans come in all shades).

I’m convinced that the GentleLASE PLUS is best for persons who have light skin and very dark hair. I don’t fall into that category and that is why I had burns and hives on the majority of my body post treatment.

If anyone can fill me in with their advice, wisdom, and experience, I would appreciate it. Thank you for reading my post.



Hi! Well, to begin with, we use the Coolglide Xeo laser on all of our clients, regardless of skin color. It is a very high-powered laser, so it can achieve the high fluences necessary to treat white skin, and has the protection necessary for darker skin types. You should not expect to be totally hair-free with any kind of hair removal, be it electrolysis or laser. You can reasonably expect 70-90% permanent reduction, with the remaining hair much sparser and lighter in texture/color. We have 5 treatment packages for body parts, with the option of individual follow-up treatments at a reduced rate. We found that some clients will need one or two follow-up treatments during the next year after treatment. Treatments are scheduled for every 6-8 weeks - we have found this to be the most effective regimen (we are in our 6th year of full-time laser hair removal). The Gentlelase probably didn’t get quite the same reduction as the Coolglide because the tech had to lower the fluence to a safe treatment level for you - you are correct in stating that it is really only appropriate for white skin/dark hair (although there are devoted Gentlelase uses who will disagree with me!) We are in South Florida, and must have a machine that can treat ALL skin types safely and effectively. I hope this information helps you out. Ciao

Dear Hairfetish:

Oooh, THANK YOU!! I had a few doubts about the GentleLASE PLUS and my skin color.

After the first treatment, I kept getting burned with the GentleLASE PLUS. The last treatment the joules were set on 16 and when the tech saw the burn marks, she moved the joules down to 14. I have no idea what they were set on the first time, but the owner/tech said the second treatment was set higher than the third. She also mentioned the the GentleLASE PLUS would work better for me and that I would get more of my money’s worth out of that laser than the CoolGLIDE. All I could see was more hair returning with the GentleLASE PLUS (vs the CoolGLIDE) and burns that I didn’t get with the CoolGLIDE.

Any hoo, I’ve found a dermatologist’s office that has the CoolGLIDE. I called them yesterday and spoke with the receptionist. She was very nice and patient and also said I may be eligible for a discount since I’ve already had three treatments. However, I must bring in records showing that I had previous treatments prior to the dermatologist’s first treatment. The receptionist was explaining to me about an IPL that they also have, but I do not want that hair removal system used on myself and I made that clear to her.

Is anyone else as picky as I am? I only want to get my money’s worth out of this expensive treatment. I was sorely disappointed with the treatments that I got regarding my private areas. The ladies didn’t touch me to stretch the skin and just sort of “shot” around the areas and weren’t thorough. This made me angry because I was specific when I purchased the treatments and I also told each tech prior to the second and third treatment that they kept missing those parts. I don’t think I’ve had one full treatment in those areas. And total cost was VERY expensive.

Thanks so much,


Hi again, Junie,
just wanted to add my 2 cents here. I’m glad you are changing clinics, those people sound like scam artists to me!!!

I am going to a clinic run by a dermatologist’s office - kind of a side business for beauty treatments. They have one laser for hair removal and it is an NdYag laser similar to the Coolglide. It is called Sciton Image. They use it on all patients.

My skin is a type 2-3 and I am having great success with my treatments on upper lip, chin, underarms, and abdomen. I have to say it is the only laser I will ever go with - unless a new, improved laser comes out someday.

Well, hopefully we’ll hear from others on the board who have used this and other lasers.

Good luck to all! :smile:

Hey Ellen!

I am so happy to hear from you!! Are you still getting treatments with the CoolGLIDE or with the other laser that you were talking about?

Tomorrow, I guess it would be today, I am going to the new LHR place for a consult. They have the CG and the Estelux, IPL, but I specfically told them that I ONLY wanted treatment with the CG. Hopefully, the new tech will be more experienced with the laser than the other gals that I’ve dealt with in the past.

My burns are healing, but I am having a lot of hyperpigmentation under my jaw line and on my legs. I haven’t noticed it on my chest, abdomen, or underarms. The dark patches are on the spots where I was treated with the GentleLASE Plus. I really think it has to do with my skin color. None of the consults mentioned a skin type to me, but all three thought I was too dark to have treatment with the IPL or the GentleLASE by Candela.

Do keep in touch and look forward to hearing from you!



Hi Junie!
Good luck with your appt today. I hope that this place is much better than the last and that you finally get a resolution to all of this!

I have been treated with the ndYag Sciton Image laser and from descriptions, it sounds exactly like the CoolGlide, just a different manufacturer. It is a Long Pulse Nd:YAG 1064. You can check out the description here:

Let us know how your appt goes and what you decide to do.

Big hugs!!! :relaxed:

Hey Ellen:

My consult went EXTREMELY WELL!!! Why didn’t I chose this place first? I think because my first choice was a bit closer to home and the prices were a tad less than the new place. But, I made the best decision I could at the time and I did tons of research and I still got “burned”…ha, ha, a play on words :slight_smile:

The RN, who will be treating me, was the person I had a consult with today. I asked her about treating “all areas” and she said she had no problems. Since she is an RN she is experienced with handling patients. Plus, she is willing to go over “missed” areas after a few weeks of shedding, if the hairs do not fall out.

She explained the process of hair growth in minute detail. And I thought I knew everything…but no! For instance she said it was OK to wax your face post laser hair treatment if you do not want to shave, but only do it close to the time post treatment. Not immediately or if your skin is red, but a few days after, just to get rid of the hair and only the one time. By the time six to eight weeks comes around for your next treatment, the hair is either previously treated or in the stages of growing by that time, provided they are not dormant.

Also, the RN really recommended shaving the night before because if the hair is too long, the laser energy is wasted on the hairs above the skin rather than targeting the growing hair below the skin. She has seen long hairs treated with LHR and she said it leaves red lines on the skin, or “burns.”

And only 25% of your hair is going to be treated at any time because those are the only hairs that are in the growing stages. Only hairs that are growing can be treated successfully. If they are dormant, there is nothing to treat because there is no color to attract the laser to the source.

I have the utmost confidence in the tech and the business. Oooh, I hope I am not wrong! Anyhoo, my appointment is July 27. Wish me luck!