Question about consultation

I have a consultation this Friday. How do I know if I should make an appointment for treatment? If the electrologist clearly does NOT pluck, and as long as it’s not too painful or leaves marks for more than a little while, should I assume that the treatment will be effective and give it a chance?

Or is it possible that even if there is no plucking, that the treatment could still not be effective? Any advice would be appreciated!


Hello metzen.

Hopefully,the electrologist will offer you a sample treatment at consultation time. If she/he does not offer to demonstrate their proceedure and ability and to also let you feel what the senasation of blend or thermolysis is like, then REQUEST a FREE demonstration. I like to show a new client how thermolysis would feel and how blend would feel for a particular area. Ten to fifteen hairs is about all it takes for a client to get the idea about what they are in for, for the next several months.

If the hair slides out nicely for the most part and skin looks a little pink and not too swollen, you PROBABLY got a good treatment. Go ahead and schedule an appointment a week or two later and go home and see how long it takes for test spot to heal. If all is well in a weeks time, keep the appointment. If healing is a problem, you can either cancel the appointment or keep it and discuss your concern with the electrologist. Her reaction to your concerns will demonstrate to you whether you should get another consultation. Note: it is normal for body areas to scab, so don’t go crazy if you see small scabs on a body area.

You won’t know if electrolysis is working immediately, only a few hair growth cycles will prove what is truly happening. You will see thinning and improvement several weeks after starting consistent treatments. If at all possible, try to engage an electrologist that someone you know has used who is finished and satisfied.

There is a certain amount of blind faith needed on your part to trust the practioner. However, armed with information on this website, you will know more than the average bear about what constitutes a good treatment verses a shoddy treatment in a dirty office.

I’ll stay tuned,metzen. Please report back to all of us about your journey. PLEASE!!!