Question about a website I came across

Hi. I am new to the site and I was just diagnosed with PCOS last week. I was searching for different hair removal options online (thats how I came across this site) and I found a website and I wanted to know if anyone had tried there product? There is sooo much bogus stuff out there, I just wondered if it was another one that was to good to be true? If anyone has looked into it plz let me know… Thank You!!

Please check with your doctor. Probably the most effective way to reverse the actions of PCOS and insulin resistance is the exercise and diet factors. As far as the medical advantages found in these dietary suppliments, I believe that doctors can supply prescriptions that are more effective as reducing the insulin resistance that is also associated with Diabetes type II. One form of testoserone blocker is spirolactone/aldactone. There are many forms of Carb blockers as well.
What I ask is that you check first and formost with your doctor.

And don’t forget to delete Artificial Sweeteners from your diet.

you may want to read it’s a great forum for women with PCOS.

Hi again and thanks for all the information! I am on medicine from my doctor to control my PCOS. My main reason for being interested with the products they had to offer was because they said that they could be taken with all your regular medicines from the doctor. I wasnt sure if this would give me better results… or if it was just a waste of my time and money. I am going to talk to my doctor and find out if there is anything else I can do to achieve a better/quicker sense of normal with my body…(of course I just started the medicine so I may not notice a difference until after a couple months). Special thanks to lagirl for the website… I have a feeling this is going to be of much help.

Hey - note - I am not a doctor nor nutritionist. However, I have spent time reading about and using and believe in ‘natural’ supplements (herbs, vitamins, diet/nutrition, etc.) and ‘alternative’ health care. I looked at the site, I thought it definitely sounded interesting. I don’t know about that company, but I do know that some of the supplement’s ingredients are used in treating women’s ‘issues’ (ie., vitex/chasteberry for example), and others are use for energy/metabolic processes/support (ie., co-q10). So if you have a doctor, health care practitioner, nutritionist, herbalist who treats and uses wholistic methods, they could probably steer you in the ‘correct’ direction.

There is also a book titled something like “Perscription for Nutritional Healing” by Balch (I think it is James and / or Phyllis Balch and that they are PhD or DR - I just don’t have the book handy to get the correct spelling…). You should be able to get it at a nutrition/health store. It has lots of information on herbs, vitamins, etc and you can also look things up by ‘condition’. So you could check out PCOS and also the ingredients if something like that is of interest to you. I know several of the alternative Healthcare practitioners I have seen have used this as a reference. (Practitioners I have seen included traditional chinese medical doctors/herbalists/acupuncturist etc.)

Hope that helps as far as getting some direction as to whether or not these kinds of ‘treatments’ might be of interest to you.

I also meant to add, just because they are ‘natural’ or supplements or herbs - does not mean they aren’t potent and don’t have effects. I am trying to say, they are also ‘medicine’ if you will and have to be respected as such and not necessarily just go combining and taking huge doses willy-nilly. So use caution, education, do your research, check out contraindications, all the same as if it were a prescription - know what I mean?

The best solution if you want to go natural is change your diet and start exercising if you are overweight. If you are underweight medication really is the only option.