Question 4 James

Hi James, I remember you posted a detailed message charting the growth cycles for different areas. I can’t seem to find it and I was hoping either you or someone else who knows could direct me to thead. Thanks, and happy new year!

Excuse me, direct me to the thread (English).

I think I read a couple weeks ago that James will be posting less because he is busy remodeling his new building???

So in case he doesn’t see your question, I can tell you that there is a section in R.N. Richards/ G.E. Meharg’s book " Cosmetic Medical Electrolysis and temporary hair removal" book on the hair growth table. Listed on page 39 is the actual hair table with 13 areas describing telogen and anagen ratio’s. Even though this isn’t quite as scientific as it could be, it is somewhat helpful.

If you don’t have access to this book, refer to the Do-it-yourself electrolysis section here on hairtell under the thread > regrowth from Sept. 1,2002, as I beleive there was quite a bit of info from Richards and Meharg’s book.

As I understand, we really could use better (more accurate) studies to help us understand the telogen/anagen hair growth cycles of hair in different areas of the body. If James has something more accurate, then hopefully he will see your question and provide more information.

Correction: look under the Do-It-Yourself forum > regrowth charts > Sept. 10, 2001.

here’s the link:;f=23;t=000024

Thank you, everyone!