Queries on Electrolysis


After 3 years of shaving my neck, ive become seriously depressed with my appearance and have decided that now I really need to do something about it.
I have ingrown hairs and the dreaded ‘shadow’ on my neck which looks awful and even with an inch thick of make-up, its still noticeable. Im considering either laser treatment or electrolysis but at the moment a lack of money is stopping me from getting laser treatment. I have read a bit about electrolysis but would really appreciate some advice and some questions answered for me before I go ahead and book an appointment.

Will Electrolysis get rid of my ‘shadow’ and the ingrown hairs too?
Is there a good chance that the hairs could be removed permanently?
Is it painful? Im not at my best when it comes to needles!!
Would anyone recommended this hair removal treatment for someone who has ingrown hairs, a shadow and has shaved for over 3 years!!!

Please help!!


The good news is you have been shaving. Anything else you would have done would have made your problem worse by giving you thicker, deeper, more distorted hairs.

Electrolysis will give you permanent removal the first time, and a good practitioner would be able to clear out the whole neck in one sitting.


I’d only add to what James said that it’s not really a needle, but a hair thin probe that doesn’t puncture the skin. I don’t really like needles, and electrolysis is a different sensation I found pretty bearable (especially with EMLA or Ela-Max anesthetic creams).

I’d also say that it’s very important to find the best person in your area, whicxh is not necessarily the one with the biggest ad or office. Try to get a referral from someone who is done and happy.


Thanks for your replies. Is that really true that the hairs will be permanently removed after just one appointment? I had to read that bit twice just to make sure I had read it properly!!
Unfortuantely I dont know any electrologists around my area. I live in a town called Borehamwood in Hertfordshire, South England. Im prepared to travel into London to have it done, so any recommendations for electrologists in and around London please!!


You will have permanent removal on some (3 to 7 out of ten hairs treated depending on biological factors) However, since hairs grow in cycles you would need to have at least 3 if not 4 full clearances in a minimum of 9 months to have the result you want.

Since most people don’t have the time to do full clearances every time, it takes longer for most people to get finished.


There is a association of electrologists in UK. They have a web: electrolysis-bae-ltd.co.uk. You can contact with them. Perhaps they can help you.

Francisca Rodriguez Ubeda


Thanks Franteruel!! That website was a great help. It had loads of info on electrolysis and ive got a couple of phone numbers for professional electrologists around my home area so I can finally organise a consultation and get a smile back on my face again!! This hair problem had made me so un happy!!