Queens: Arlene R. Batz CPE electrolysis

Arlene R. Batz, CPE

Board Certified Electrologist

private office located at:

BREIER Hair Removal & Skin Care, Inc.

85-15 Main Street, suite 9N

Queens, New York 11435

(Kew Gardens area: F train across the street, Q44, Q60, Q20 buses all across the street)

Phone: 718 206-2744

Open 7 days from 7:45 AM - 7:45 PM by appointment only.


Always free consultations.

Private and confidential.

Serving my community for nearly 20 years.

All modalities of electrolysis for permanent hair removal.

State of the Art New Electrology Equipment maximizing comfort and effectiveness.

Arlene teaches part time as she is a NYS licensed electrology teacher

Arlene is also a NYS licensed esthetician - skin care therapist

Fee free to email her questions at: electrolysis@juno.com

Website in progress: http://endunwantedhair.com



This is an invitation for seekers of electrolysis to visit, learn about electrolysis, ask questions and receive a short treatment. There is no pressure and no obligation to return. Use this experience as a frame of reference in your search to find electrologists within your own communities. Out-of-towners are welcome.


Two probes up for Arlene. She is a true gem.

My top recommendation for the NYC area and tops on my list, period.

Expert knowledge and top-of-the-line equipment (she’s got magnification that makes her look like the terminator) and great office. Always in demand.

All modalities. One of the relative few who practices blend AND multiple needle galvanic.

Maybe I’ll go see her for a facial one of these days. :wink:

All body parts, women and men.

Thank you real-sore.

Should you need any further treatments, please note that I added the Apilus Platinum for maximum comfort in permanent hair removal. As someone who has had the Arlene Batz hair removal experience, you already know that I offer the best treatment at incredibly low prices as I am totally devoted to my work and truly committed to helping end the distress that comes from unwanted hair.

The New York Daily News called me to say they wanted to meet with me.
I thought it was a prank.
It wasn’t.
If I really thought that the Daily News was coming over, I would have done my hair and dieted!

The link below shows a pic is of me and a client as I am preparing her for a skin care treatment.

Arlene R. Batz, of Breier Hair Removal and Skin Care in Briarwood, Queens, tends to Shireen Nelson, a patient at Breier’s for the last three years.

Briarwood, named in the early 1900s after the Briarwood Land Co., is a lesser-known Queens neighborhood often mistaken for Jamaica because of its location.

The area’s large international population gives it a variety of locally owned businesses that offer great savings. Parking can be scarce, but you can take the E or the F train to the Briarwood-Van Wyck Blvd. station to catch some great neighborhood deals.

[b]SKIN CARE: Breier Hair Removal & Skin Care, 85-15 Main St., Suite 9-N; (718) 206-2744

In Briarwood for 21 years, Breier specializes in electrolysis, skin care and massage. Owner Arlene Batz believes that electrolysis hair removal, as opposed to laser hair removal, is the safer and better option, and says Breier offers affordable prices for all skin care needs. Electrolysis begins at $30 for 15 minutes. A list of prices and services can be found at the Web sitewww.breierhairremovalandskincare.com.[/b]

HAIR: Purple Star, Inc.,138-45 Queens Blvd.; (718) 739-8690

Purple Star is Briarwood’s friendly local beauty parlor, and has been for about 25 years. If you’re looking for a place with quality service and a family-like atmosphere, this is your stop.

Wash and blow-dry specials begin at $18 and vary depending on hair length, and you can add a haircut to your salon visit for a total of $21.

DINER: The Flagship Diner, 138-30 Queens Blvd.; (718) 297-7494

The Flagship is a family-owned Greek diner that has been in the neighborhood for 30 years. In the middle of busy Queens Blvd., Flagship is a good stop for families or a person on the go looking for classic diner food.

In keeping with many local diner prices, many meals begin at $8 for items such as burgers and omelets.

INDIAN FOOD: Taj Mahal, 148-01 Hillside Ave.; (718) 297-2201

One Taj Mahal customer called the restaurant’s food “the best in Queens.” Whether you agree or not, the popular neighborhood spot does offer some great deals. With classic Indian favorites such as tandoori chicken starting at $6, the prices can’t be beat.

BAKERY: Pane Dolce, 137-67 Queens Blvd.; (718) 526-4407

This timeless Italian bakery was the one Briarwood locals immediately recommended trying for their quality baked goods and affordable prices. As soon as you walk in, you are hit with the unmistakable scent of a neighborhood bakery. With the large black-and-white cookies for $1.25 each and cakes starting at $16, it won’t cost you much to satisfy that deal-seeking sweet tooth.

BARBER: Albert’s Barber Shop,83-32 Parsons Blvd.; (718) 206-9536

Just as women need a good local beauty shop, men need a friendly barbershop when it’s time for a haircut. Albert’s offers just that in addition to speedy quality service. Stop in for a haircut for $12.

NAILS: J F Nail Salon, 84-48 Manton St.; (718) 558-8939

When you’re looking for the classic, affordable Queens nail shop, J F Nail Salon is the place to go in Briarwood. It offers various specials on different days of the week for nails and eyebrows, but the best combination is the manicure and pedicure for $17.

VEGETARIAN: The Panoramaof My Silence-Heart Café, 84-73 Parsons Blvd.; (718) 526-0723

This unexpected gem, more commonly known simply as Panorama Café, can be found in the middle of a Briarwood residential area. In addition to staple drinks, such as a coffee to go for $1, the cafe specializes in vegan foods. All “meats” are made with soy. Owner Ketan Goldman recommends the popular $5.95 chicken Caesar salad, or the lunch special of a sandwich with soup or salad for $5.95. Stick around in the evenings to catch live music and poetry readings in a contemporary atmosphere.

(Arlene’s paragraph appeared here, but we moved it to the top for our purposes)

PIZZA: Alba Pizzeria, 137-65 Queens Blvd.; (718) 291-1620

Alba Pizzeria has eat-in dining and a large Italian menu that includes dishes such as eggplant Parmesan and penne with vodka sauce. Owner Paul Virdone said people in the neighborhood like nothing better than the regular traditional cheese pizza. Pop in for a slice for $2.25 or grab a large pie for $13.

Read more: http://www.nydailynews.com/ny_local/queens/2010/01/19/2010-01-19_savings_in_queens_the_best_bests_in_briarwood_deals.html#ixzz0d9YhRAg2

Good for you Arlene.

Would it be rude for me to say that based on that picture, you already have lost weight since I last saw you. The picture shows off your friendliness.

Thank you James but no, I am still fat!
Something that many of us with PCOS deal with - result often being hairy and fat.
The hair issue gets under control with the help of electrolysis however eating more than the body needs, well, who can I hire to take my fat away? Liposuction surgeon maybe? The problem with liposuction is that if you go back to the old eating patterns w/o exercise, the fat comes back.

[color:#FF0000]I want to note that the reporter indicated that I said that I believe electrolysis hair removal, as opposed to laser hair removal, is the safer and better option. I never said that.[/color] [color:#3333FF]What I did say was that electrolysis does not discriminate as it works on everyone while laser required one to be a good candidate based on skin and hair pigment and other hair characteristics.[/color]

BTW, did you know that more human languages are spoken in Queens than anywhere else on the planet?

You mean a reporter misquoted you, or quoted you out of context? Does that ever happen? :grin:

I hate to tell you this Arlene, but your weight problem has more to do with your serious case of Busy-Electrolysis-Practice-itus. You have no time to exercise unless you jog to work, and eating better would require you to hire Morgan Spurlock’s vegan chef girlfriend’s food delivery service. :wink:

Hi all!
I won’t say I’m new to hairtell since I have been keeping up with this site for about six months now, reading posts keeping up with other people’s results and concerns. I have to say that this site has saved me from doing the wrong thing and falling for scams. I have to admit I was quite a gullible person, not only regarding hair but gullible to anything. because of this site I have come to attain so much knowledge. I have learned a lot about different types of lasers and how electrolysis works. Before encountering this site, I was oblivious to anything relating hair removal. I didn’t even know there was a possible way to remove hair permanently. I want to specially Thank LAgirl, Dfahey, James W. Walker, Depilacionelectr, Andrea for making this a site like this exist, and Barbara for her discreet intelligency. God bless them al! These people are wonderful. We all should be so thankful to them. They take their time to answers our questions and within their words you we can clearly see that they truly are passionate with what they do. From the responses they give forth, it’s clear that they are well educated. Oh and I have noticed that there are some fools on hairtell that tend to argue with these experts. These people know what they are doing because most of them are actual electrologists.

I live in Queens and I am a college student. I found Arlene Batz of Brier Hair removal and skin care on Hairtell. There are many other electrologists in Manhattan but I rather get more hours for less with Arlene Batz. There are some places here in Queens for electrolysis but my instincts told me to go with Arlene and that she has better experience. I read her reviews on Yelp and City search, all were positive. Nothing negative! I searched her up constantly now and then. I went on to her website and found that she is not only an electrologist but a licensed Esthetician as well. Her prices were reasonable for me. Somehow she magically fitted my budget. I have to say that I am uncomfortable with hair as many people are in this site. I have excessive hair on my face. Wanting to get electrolysis done, I started working part time since I attend college full time. Now that I have somewhat saved up, I am using that to treat my face. I made an appointment with Arlene Batz about a week ago on March 10. I called her office number and told her I wanted to come in for a consultation and a 15 minute treatment, she happily said ok and booked me for a consultation and a short treatment for 15 mins.

During the consultation she told me to ask her any questions, even if they sounded stupid. So I started asking basic questions about electrolysis. I had already knew much about electrolysis, due to Hairtell. After she answered my questions, she started explaing the different methods of electrolysis and how each one of them work.
Then, she asked me if I was willing to do the 15 min treatment. I said yes. She washed her hands and cleaned the area on which I layed. She actually made me wash my hands because she said I am a “toucher”. I have a tendency to touch my face too much and she told me that it’s not a good thing. She told me not to touch your face since you bring other things on to your face. The 15 min treatment went well. I did feel the some sensation but it was completely bearable. After the short treatment, she applied Thayers witch hazel and 99% aloe vera gel from trader Joe’s. I felt a cooling sensation because of the aloe gel. She explained to me the after care and how it’s essential to take care of my skin after electrolysis.

What I personally liked about Arlene.

  • I am a person who likes to observe things in details. I know Arlene was the best as soon as the first day I met her.
  • She never forces you into things and she constantly asks your comfortable with anything you want done.
  • I like her up front/honest attitude. You can tell she takes her work seriously.
  • She doesn’t answer phone calls. I actually had an appointment scheduled with her for 2 hours and she did not pick up the phone once while she was treating me. Even though the phone rang couple of times, she stayed calm and focused.
    -She makes sure she answers your question. If she gives you an answer other than what your looking for, she asks you over until she completely answers it. I like this because it shows that she cares.
  • I noticed that she isn’t hasty and takes her time on you. She doesn’t rush into other clients. She makes sure she is completely done with you before you proceed out the door.
    -She is willing to work with you and your life, rather than her telling you what to do. You tell her what you want and from there, she tells you what would be best.

From the above things I have written, I can actually give a specific example for each one and how it relates to me. Yeah, thats how much I like her already!

So far, I have gone to her twice. I think she works pretty fast. Afterward, I decided to buy the with hazel from her for $10, Aloe gel for $5 and tea tree oil for $11.50. I also decided to buy a foundation specifically made for electrolysis. it is used to co"cover " up the redness that occur afterwards. I really needed it since I was heading to work after getting electrolysis from her.
While she was treating me, we talked here and there. She asked me about my school and related things. Today we talked a little about cooking. I told her I love to cook. She loves Indian food and herbal spices. Yes I guess we were bonding. lol

I have booked two hours with her for next week. I continue to plan on seeing her for a while since I have so much to get done. Even though hair makes me uncomfortable, I am taking this one step at a time. She told me that it will take a long time but the end result will be hair free skin. First the face and then who knows?

I don’t have camera right now, but I will be putting pictures up of the treatments done on my face.

The new website address:

Thank you.

Mention HAIRTELL and your first electrolysis treatment is only $25.00

Because there have been so many requests for MPG, it is now being offered more readily.