Quazar IPL600 - selling on ebay, any tried it ?

Hi all,

Quazar IPL600, seem to be selling on ebay, anyone know anything about this product or has tried it ?


What are you trying to achieve? IPLs are not great for hair removal.

Then what is good for hair removal?

electrolysis for fine hair, and LASER not IPL can be used for course hair eg underarm hair. Look through the forum, you will find heaps of useful info :slight_smile:

The best thing you can get for home use are electrolysis machines. They are used by treating each hair, one at a time. There are a few different IPL and “laser” machines intended for home use, but most will probably take as long to clear hair as an electrolysis unit, but be more of a temporary hair loss device, rather than a permanent hair reduction solution.

OneTouch is an example of an electrolysis device made for home use. They are only about $10 so pretty good price, but are time consuming. You could also buy an older, used “pro” electrolysis machine. Check out the threads on this subject.