Qualification question


What is considered a higher degree or is there any difference-

License Electrologist(L.E.)
Certified Professional Electrologist(C.P.E) ?


The C.P.E. is correct as being a Certified Public Electrologist. A C.P.E. is concidered a high standard, because you must as an electrologist keep up continued education in a 5 yr period you have to have so many extra credit points. This garentees your client of keeping up with changes. The way they are aquired are going to seminars, taking test on subjects related to our profession, etc. A Lic. Electrologist or Registered Electrologist means that you have taken a state test and became that Lic. or Reg. In most states you dont even have to do any more than that. Choose a C.P.E. if possible. Good Luck, An electrologist, who is a C.P.E.


I also should of stated that becoming a C.P.E. you must take a national exam.


Just a clarification; the P in CPE stands for Professional. Certified Professional Electrologist. A CPE must take 75 hours of continuing education over the course of 5 years to keep that credential, or retest every 5 years at the AEA national convention.

If your state has Registered Electrologists (R.E.) or Licensed Electrologists (L.E.), what you need to do is find out what one has to do to qualify for these credentials in your state, and compare that to the CPE standard. In some states, a practitioner only has to pass a test once, and that person may practice for the rest of their natural born days wihtout further education, or testing.

Having said that, a person’s having a current CPE only increases the probability that the practioner is aware of current technology, it doesn’t assure one that this practitioner understands, embraces, or utilizes the most up to date equipment and practices. That is why you read the HairFacts.com site, and do your best to interview as many electrologists in your area as you can, and have sample treatments with as many as you can stand. The best one of the bunch can’t help but be distinguished from the rest.

P.S. The best electrologist is not usually the one with the Ritziest address, or the Chicest office decor.


Thanks James I knew that why I wrote Public is beyond me…Must of been thinking of lots of other things…duh!!