Q's about electrolysis

Hello again. I was considering lhr for my chin and upper lip, but due to the info. I gained from reading this website, I have determined that I would be a better candidate for electrolysis.

I am a 31 yo white female with dry skin that is prone to acne and hyperpigmentation. Probably b/w 50-100 coarse, dark hairs in clusters on my chin and upper lip. Because my face is the area to be worked on, and my complection is so light, I am obviously worried about marks/scars.

I have been reading the FAQ section and scouring the boards for info. but still have a lot to learn. Every once in a while I will come across a thread that mentions machine type or modality, but haven’t seen a page that lists these things together.

Basically, where can I get the best source for the technical aspects of electrolysis, including machines (name brand, type, etc.), settings, needles and modalities. I will have some consultations next week and would like to know what to look for and what to ask. I have spent the last couple of weeks researching LHR, thinking that this would be my choice, but now I am in dire need of electrolysis facts. Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks