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Hey there.
I got a question here. I read that a thik hair respond to the laser tratment better. Is that true. I mean I have a thin but long hair that is to be removed. Is it good or bad that the hair are thin ?
Thanx a lot.

Teen: What part of your body are you referring to for your laser treatment?

Allover the body.

Thick dark hairs respond best to laser, no matter what body part. The thinner and lighter they are in color, the less likely you are to have a permanent reduction from laser.

I have found that the Lightsheer diode laser works better on thin (dark) hair regrowth than the alexandrites. Both do very well for the initial treatments though when the hair is coarse.

My last laser treatment was in the end of May. In the last week or so I noticed some black dots on my arms on the biceps. These were definitely new. I squeezed a few of them and they were singed hairs, they came right out without any tweezing. The hairs must have deep within the follicle in their early growth stage when they were singed and just now worked their way out. I never had that happen with the Apogee.