Has anyone heard of Pure Laser in the Chicagoland area? It was the first name to come up on google for electrolysis in Chicago. If anyone has gone here, did you have good results?

Pure Laser and it comes up under electrolysis? They may have keywords rigged in their website site so it gets hits on competing searches. Kinda like Ford embedding Chevrolet in their website so searches for Chevrolet will also generate hits for the Ford. Not implying Ford and Chevy have done that but many competing businesses do.

If they don’t offer electrolysis at all, then they’re clearly being deceptive from the start and I would not consider doing business with them at all.

erm…don’t worry, they do offer electrolysis. Pure Laser is a chain, they have something like 10-15 outlets, they do laser, electrolysis, and other spa related services. I just wanted to know if anyone had been to them

you might want to really check what they can do for you.ask if you can talk to any of their clients how happy they are with the results.
also whatever area you want to get done have them show what they will treat.
Make sure your understanding say Bikini is they same as theirs.