purchasing laser hair removal systems

where can i purchasing a laser system for personal use…something not too expensive but effective??

What do you mean by effective? There are no home-use lasers that have demonstrated permanent hair removal.

Also, what price range are you considering?

the lasers that “work” that i have heard of in spas and dr’s offices have all been 100,000.00 and up

Some of them start at $50,000.00

You can sometimes find these real units for sale from someone closing their business and looking to pay off their loans for the machine with the sale of the machine. In that case, you can sometimes get lucky and find one under $10,000.

Usually, however, if it is on ebay, and it calls itself a LASER, it is a scam.

I am Gerardo Senderowicz, MD in Madrid, Spain.
I want to know something about SLP 1000 laser for hair removal.
Do you if it has some technical problems with the machine (diode or cable problems)?
How works compare with others?
I received bad comments about it look:

"The SLP 1000 is probably the safest laser I have used for dark skin because the pulses are so long.
That’s the good news

The bad news is that those long pulses are surprisingly painful. The light feels like it is boring into your skin, rather than giving you a quick flash like other lasers. The larger 12mm spot size is worse. The laser doesn’t have much power, so to get up to a good fluence with the 12mm spot you need a long pulse, which the patients find painful, so you have to slow down the treatment for them so that the weak and unreliable chiller can prechill the skin a bit more prior to each pulse, which defeats the purpose of using a bigger spot in the first place (ie speed).
It’s pretty safe, except if you use it with long pulses over 200ms on dense hair such as male face, because then you see confluence of heating between adjacent follicles, which can lead to full thickness skin burning. Ouch!!
It’s about as reliable as a Skoda. Nightmare! Breaks down frequently and expensively. The treatment handpiece is particularly fragile, and the chiller regularly self-destructs.
The SLP 1000 is a dog. Don’t buy one.
It’s also terrible at treating vessels, it is only any good on very coarse very dark hair. If hair is only moderately brown and moderately thick in diameter, it won’t work because it doesn’t achieve a high enough peak of radiance (fluence per ms).
Good luck

Do you have info about hair removal treatments with this machine?

Gerardo Senderowicz, MD

Palomar makes some OK devices. Seems like most people like Candela better.