Purchase a second hand machine

Hello everybody!
I am looking for somebody to help me purchasing a second hand electrolysis machine. I live in one Eastern European country:Romania. I could not find any electrolysis treatment near by me, so I decided to buy a machine and off course literature, and try to learn and do on myself :slight_smile: I know I’m brave, but I am also hopeless with my unwanted hair what adumbrates my life day by day. Please help me :slight_smile:

I think what you would need to look at first, would be the voltage of power systems in Romania. My partner is from there so I’ll ask him when I am speaking to him.

IF as in many parts of europe the voltage is 220 ( and not 110 as it is here in north america) then you’ll need a machine that can function on 220 power. There are a few options ( many of the recent apilus have switchable power supplies) but you’d probably find it much more economical to get a machine out of the UK I believe the sterex machines are quite popular for european use.

As for learning, you can get Mike Bono’s book, or electrolysis thermolysis and the blend by Hinkel . The best source for advice however is right here, there are a lot of very talented professional electrologists here and I found them very helpful in learning .

Given what I know of Romania ( not a ton except a few things my partner has told me), I can completely understand why there wouldnt be any electrologists nearby. This would be the type of scenario for which I do definitely endorse DIY use. I would still stick to blend electrolysis however for safety reasons.


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The EU single market countries moved to 230V a few years ago, the UK included. I’ve had no problems moving various pieces of electrical equipment around inside the EU.

Most computer systems come with dual voltage power supplies, but any decent size electronics retailer should be able to sell you a 230-to-110V converter, or if not, at least point to to where you can. (Your nearest EU Amazon might actually be a good retailer for this - although I’ve had better luck with amazon.es for electronic equipment)

While this may be true, electrolysis machines dont work “just like computers” . “clipping” or over/under voltage can have serious consequences on the treatment energy emitted from the machine. You are well advised to use electrolysis machines with their native - as designed power systems.

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I didn’t think I was trying to suggest that they work “just like computers”, merely that there are options.

Based on your post it sounds like you’d need supplies that produce strictly regulated voltages with spike suppression. To get a professional level of that is probably going to cost more than buying a machine built for the correct power system anyway.