Pumice Stone for removal or exfoliation?

So I just dwelled into this topic on this forum and read the few pumice stone threads in this category. Apparently pumic Stone usage is for hair removal, therefore, can it not be used as an exfoliant? I started using a newly bought pumice Stone a few days ago almost everyday (so like 4 days of using it as an exfoliant so far). I am doing this for the growing hairs after laser hair removals that are supposed to fall out and shed to exfoliate and help the hairs shed faster. Is this okay to do? What I mean is is it okay to use the pumice Stone for this purpose as in exfoliate to speed up the hair shedding process after laser treatments? Or is it only a hair removal method that might conflict with laser and not good to exfoliate with?


A pumice stone will only realistically be effective for some people on fine vellus hairs and telogen hairs. These are both types of hairs that do not respond to laser treatment, so you can freely use the pumice stone for exfoliation. Just take care to not exfoliate too soon after laser treatments or you can expect your skin to become quite irritated.

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Okay thanks a lot for the quick reply that helped a ton, I was planning on using it tonight one more time then stop for awhile. I was also just scared cause I know you cannot epilate or pluck after laser hence I thought that the pumice Stone might do the same thing as epilating or plucking. So since the pumice Stone effect only vellus hairs and telogen hairs it will also aid efficiently in removing the hairs that are shedding right? Or is it a waste of time? IMO I thought the pumice Stone would be like perfect for this. But I believe you are implying that it will be effective for shedding hairs in your reply but not sure.


Yes, hairs that are shedding after laser treatment will be helped with a pumice stone, but you can use any other type of exfoliation too. You can also choose to use an exfoliating cream with salicylic acid when your skin reaction fades, which can be three days later for some people and a week later for others.