pulsed light hair removal?


Hi I’m new to this sight. Just wondering if anyone could tell me the difference between laser hair removal and pulsed light hair removal. I have light skin and dark course hair,if I shave in the morning I have stubble by the afternoon. I am interested in getting underarms, bikini and lower legs done. Which so called “laser” would be best for me? Does it really work or is it not even really worth the time &/or money?
Any advice?
Thank you,
:confused: Benita


Check out www.hairfacts.com
You will be able to find out all the info you want there.


Thanks for replying. Have you had laser hair removal done? Was it succesful?


Yes, I have.
4 times with the Lightshear laser.
I liked the results I was getting.
My 5th treament was with the Aurora (IPL), so far I don’t like the results I am getting from that.
So I recommend laser over IPL.


Thanks for your info. I’ll definately check into the “laser” hair removal.


I agree with RJC2001 about the Aurora being the best. It is totally different than laser, especially the “shedding process”. I had a 4th treatment 3 and a half weeks ago, and am only now begining to see the results of that treatment. I would wait a full month before judgement.


It appears to me from reading so many testimonials that what system works best for one person, may not work at all for another. For instance, I may have miraculous sucess with an IPL, and someone else may have terrible results. Is this an accurate assessment?