pulsed light hair removal....burned

I had the pulsed light hair removal performed by a L.E. on my arms for dark hair. I had one session and was badly burned. The L.E. didn’t perform any pre-procedure skin testing or spot testing nor did she explain the procedure or what to expect. She had no forms to fill out such as a waiver or consent either.

At first it just felt very hot at one point and I had her stop. She told me this was normal and to be expected. When I got home I had visible raised burn marks (around 20-25) up and down my forearm. I called her immediately and asked what to do. She explained that it was impossible to recieve burns from this treatment but to put aloe vera and triple antibiotic ointment (what do you treat burns with??) on my arms. She asked to see my arms and I emailed digital pics to her (since I live an hour away). I asked to speak to her medical doctor (who is supposed to oversee her doing these treatments) and she wouldn’t let me talk to him.

Again, I have dark brown streaks on my arm 5 months later. She refused to refund my money for the treatment and a $65 dollar cream I had to buy for pigmentation changes.

I am wanting to know first of all if anyone thinks these marks will be permanent or if so, do I have legal recourse. I do feel she was neglegent in my treatment.

They might be permanent, and you do have legal recourse. Take detailed photos of the damage, put all your paperwork and receipts together in a folder, and call a few lawyers. I’m sure you’ll find one interested in talking to you. Good luck, and remember not to wait to long before dealing with this.