pulse width

I’ve been having LHR with the light sheer for some time now and can see hair reduction in the areas treated.
But I was wondering how important the pulse with is and if greater results can be achieved with a longer pulse width. I have read that two pulse width selections are available with the light sheer: a fixed 30 ms mode and the OptiPulse mode that fixes the pulse duration at one-half the delivered fluence (such as 40 J/cm2 with a 20 ms pulse).
My last treatment was with a fluence of 40 J/cm2 with the OptiPulse mode(20 ms pulse).
My question is, would I achieve better results with a longer fixed pulse width of 30 ms compared to the 20 ms?


there are 2 things regulated here: the joules (power) and the spot size. the smaller the spot size, the more power is going to a smaller area of hair, i.e. each follicle gets more power. usually, as you get more treatments, techs increase the joules and lower the spot size to target the finer hairs that return. fine hairs need more power to be killed by laser than dark coarse ones.

I’m not refering to the spot size as you mentioned and from what I know the spot size can’t be changed in a ligth sheer, please correct me if I’m wrong. What I’m interested in is the actual pulse duration. If I’m having treatment done with 40 joules what pulse duration would be best? Does a longer pulse duration give better results?


The pulse width refers to how long the energy is being delivered to the area. So, generally, a 30 ms width is more effective for thicker hair. I use my 40 ms ONLY for bikini and underarms, generally. So, yes, a 30 ms width is more effective in some areas, but is overkill for most others. I would say that the settings you sre using are fine (without knowing the nm depth or spot size). The pulse duration and joules/cm2 generally are 2 separate settings, anyway.