Puff-IT Miracle Powder: Permanent Hair Removal?

Anyone heard of it? or tried them?
they seems confident to have moneyback guarantee.


This ad has all the hallmarks of a scam. Notice the money back guarantee ends with the caveat of “Terms & Conditions Apply”, which in my experience means, “Just Try To Get Your Money Back From Us. Once We Have Your Money, We Never Give It Back, SUCKER!”

Having said that, they don’t tell you what this “secret special powder is made of” however, I can tell you this much, anything that could be rubbed on the skin and destroy the hairs, would obliterate the skin the hairs are in, because skin is a weaker formation of what hair is made of, just as finger nails and toe nails are a stronger formation of what hair is made.

If you want to buy it, and try it, and tell us how frustrated you are by it not working, and how they give you the run around about giving you your money back, please do, just document the whole experience here so others can be made aware and save their money.

I’m actually looking for a review from someone who tried them. I had checked the full guarantee terms & conditions on the site itself.

Thanks anyway =P

Okay. We’ve done all we can for now. Hope someone else can do a better job convincing you that this is an example of wasteful spending if you so choose to give it a go, Austrina.

Hello, we received an email from a customer regarding this forum calling it a scam yesterday. It is unfair for u guys to say that while u have never actually tried our product. Full terms & conditions is clearly posted on our site outlining all the guarantee conditions. We do not conceal it or hide it to scam ignorant buyers. We are not doing a short term business, we will not run away after a few months. WE ARE HERE TO STAY

Of course due to the nature of our easy warranty, we are susceptible to false claim. We will not sell more powders once guarantee is claimed. We also limits the quantity purchased for first time buyers. This is how we protect ourselves from false claims as there might be pple who are out there just to get their money back!

Powder’s ingredient cant be disclosed as it is a trade secret(obviously). However it is registered in Indonesian Health Department. It WILL NOT gives u instant result, not even laser/electrolysis gives u instant result! Not even laser/electrolysis GUARANTEE results.

The powder is not HARSH chemical and it WILL NOT burn your skin. It will not remove hair at 1 go! They are SAFE for the skin and can be used daily like a normal powder. We had just received 1 testimonial from one of our Australian buyer. A screenshot of the actual email is available on our site.

[puff-it-now dot com/testimonial.html] (link broken by Andrea)


We DO NOT fill our page with “questionable” testimonials with photos and ‘customers’ names like our competitors. Think abt it, will u let the world know u had an embarassing hairy problem? I wont, at least NOT FOR FREE…!

We DO NOT ask pple who we tested the powder on to write the testimonials, though we will be able to build our reputation real fast with that! We will slowly build our reputation to GUARANTEE AUTHENTICITY OF ALL THE TESTIMONIALS ON OUR SITE from people who actually PAID AND USED our Puff-IT Miracle Powder.

If you said it is a scam, pls try them first before telling the whole world it is a scam. I am sure some of you might be hair removal experts with all sorts of hair removal knowledge/theories compared to us in Indonesia. But we know, our powder works! Unlike all the scams originating from various parts of the globe

Are you for real? Anyone representing a company no matter how big or how small, selling whatever product, would not be so unprofessional as to spell the word “you” as “u” or “people” as “pple” or “about” as “abbt”. The casualness of such writing suggests that this product may be concocted in someone’s kitchen. Just trying to give you an objective first impression when I read this post.

Can I help you out here a bit more?

Speaking of unfair, if you are so convinced about your puff product actually working, then send the moderators of this forum the product for free and let them personally try it, so they are convinced, too. Then, they can report back to all the hairtell consumers who have come to trust them over the years.

I don’t believe testimonials, as a rule, because anybody can say anything and they frequently do! A helpful suggestion for you: It would be in your interest to persuade the discrimminating public in other ways such as, providing authentic clinical studies based on the scientific method that were used to study this product. There should be peer-reviewed writings, by authentic scientists, confirming that this product works. “Authentic scientists” comes with a whole new set of questions about credentials. UGH. You just need to persuade people better than you have. Second helpful hint: Provide an ingredients list. Don’t you think that would really be helpful for building your reputation? Saying it’s a “trade secret” sounds untrustworthy, sleazy and dark.

No one has to be fair about this product you promote just because you point out that the counter statements made above are unfair. It’s a tough world, you know. Consumers are tired of being ripped off and weary of being promised outcomes that defy science. Just because someone pleads convincingly so that their miracle powder is the key to happiness in regard to hair removal, doesn’t make it so. YOUneed to do the hard work of providing more evidence. Posting that mere testimonials can be backed up legally is not that comforting.

We don’t like spam here as you have discovered. We caution consumers about products such as yours for the above mentioned reasons, while fully stressing that they have freedom of choice to purchase and investigate such products if they so desire. We also then encourage them to report back and share all details in an effort to spread the good word (or the crooked word) to others.

You need to provide more than words of guarantee lingo to those with suspicious and discerning eyes. Consumers are getting smarter these days, so you need to provide more information than you did to win them over to buy your product. Copy and paste the Indonesian Health Department information on miracle powder. Post ingredients so people know what they are putting on their skin. Post clinical trials and studies. These efforts would be more helpful. This is as much about saftey as it is effectiveness.

A quick search indicates that the domain was set up about two months ago. According to the company web site any rebates can apparently be claimed only after two months of use. If the product is effective, either positive or negative feedback should start pouring in pretty soon.

The company itself appears to be located in Malang, Indonesia. The address and contact name are listed on an international trade site, but the company’s own site only contains a phone number and e-mail address. Still, if someone is going to Indonesia, it should be easy to pay a visit.

From the description I initially thought the powder might be turmeric, which I’ve read somewhere has been used by some people in India for hair removal. However, the application method and claim of permanency would seem to negate this.

I agree with dfahey that sending some free samples to the list moderators would be good marketing - it would be excellent advertising if the results verify the claims. However, for this to happen some general information on ingredients would probably also be useful - if only enough to convince them the product contains nothing harmful.

The company says that they don’t entertain any rebate claims until after 2 months of use. Could that have anything to do with the credit card rule that states that one has only 60 days from the date of a charge to dispute the claim or report a fraudulent purchase? Hmmm, we won’t talk to you about a refund until after you don’t have any easy way to force one upon us. Neat!

You know what I love? Coincidences! Let me tell you about one I just found. I Googled the phone # on that site. It gave me a site with contact information for Puff-IT Inc. http://www.alibaba.com/company/100247059/contactinfo.html

So on this page is the name of the contact person, Ms. Santy Lestari. So, of course, I Googled “Santy Lestari.”

And guess what? The 2nd and 3rd results are sites that Ms. Santy Lestari’s user name is…drum roll please…Austrina! The same as the original poster of this thread.



What are the odds that the contact person (I suspect she is the owner), Santy Lestari, of Puff-It and the inquisitive consumer who originated this thread would choose the same user name? Like I said, I LOVE coincidences! And I love Google!

I’m so sorry if this is this coincidence is unfair…but, it is what it is.

Goodness gracious! We have such smart contributors here. Good job Detectives Cirke and Choice on uncovering an el fake-o.

Why did I waste my time on writing such a long post last night on this puffy piece?

Well, forum is informal so we do not use formal language in here.

If you dont believe in testimonials that is fine, they are 100% real. Customers will never repurchase if it is not working or made such testimonials. Instead they will try to get their money back

We don’t mind sending samples to list of moderators in there but what do we get in return IF it is PROVEN to work? Who are the moderators? We will not send samples just ‘anyone’ cos they are costsly + expensive S&H. How do we know that it will be unbiased? From the way everyone is talking, they are already biased. We do not asked people we tested them on, we only receive customers testimonials as we want all the testimonials to be 100% unbiased.

@moderators: pls send an email to [support at puff-it-now dot com] if you are interested.

No, we will still refund the money even though credit card rule is over 60 days if there is any claims(regardless it is being true or false - we have an easy warranty policy). WE WILL BE IN THE BUSINESS IN THE LONG TERM, NOT ONLY FOR 3 MTHS, we dont want any bad reviews on us backing out of warranty

dfahey, we might not be experts like you. We do not have the resources unlike developed country for all sorts of international clinical studies or links to do so. We will try to get international FDA approval in future. Any tips from you would be appreciated

Yes, she is our marketing. It is not coincidence…

Drop us a visit if anyone is coming to Indonesia. Pls email/call us if you are visiting. We have a reason why we do not put our address in on our site(you probably heard what sort of country Indonesia is)

Email us: [support at puff-it-now dot com]

@moderators: pls edit real names and on the prev posts. We will respond to individual enquiries regarding personal details but we would like to remain as invisible as possible in our own country. Thanks

(links broken by Andrea)

What? I’m afraid this does not incite feelings of confidence for those wanting to buy your product. So you blame being secretive on your country, Indonesia? Why? What will happen to you if you put your address on your site?? Why do you have to remain invisible??? What are the ingredients in your product?? I don’t think you touched on that yet. Feel free not to answer, if you are not comfortable in doing so.


As we said earlier we cant disclose the ingredients. All we can say is it does not contain harsh chemicals. I have not receive any respond from the moderators regarding the free sample we are offering them.

Time will tell, we have received 2 additional success emails from our customers. It will be no time before people realise it is not a scam. We will let members decide on its own for now :wink: we’ll let the truth defend itself

Good luck with your business venture.

Your asking us to apply a unproven, untested product to our skin, which we don’t even know what it contains on the basis of a poorly scripted, incoherent Internet post?

As Dee said, good luck.

Um, you forget that they have not come through with actually sending in a test sample of the product. Of course we would test the product. I would try it myself as long as it were not post marked Arizona :wink:

At any rate, the science is clear, Skin, Hair and Finger Nails are the same substance. Skin structures clump together and harden into hair from within the follicle. Anything that you do that could destroy hair, would obliterate skin, so it is VERY unlikely that any cream would work for this purpose without cosmetically disfiguring results.

:grin: :grin: :grin: :grin: :grin: Inside joke for those of you just joining hairtell. It relates to one person living in Arizona and by no means refers to others living in that great state. I couldn’t have said that any kinder.

Exactly what I’m thinking. If your product makes my leg fall off, I won’t even know where to contact you to sue.

Hey guys so I was intrigued to try this stuff out and have ordered it, haven’t gotten in yet but should be any day now so I will let you know what I think of it!

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