Puerto Rico (San Juan) Electrolysis?

Hello everyone,

I am looking for a good electrologist in Puerto Rico, specifically in the San Juan area.

Any suggestions? I checked the AEA website, and there is only one electrologist listed for P.R., but she’s in Lajas, pretty far from S.J., and I did a search on this forum with no luck.

I am moving from NYC where I’ve been spoiled for choice with good electrologists!! (will post recs for them soon in the NY thread- I think there is one)

Thanks so much!

That’s why we ask people to share the results of their search with us here. Many places have little info available about who is working in those areas, and you can help out by sharing who you find near you as you continue your search. Pay it forward, and help the next one.

We don’t have that many recommendations in NYC either. So you can definitely start by helping with that :slight_smile:

ABA BEAUTY LOUNGE is in San Juan. My friend goes there when she visits her family. She does laser there but says that they also do electrolysis and other types of treatments.


Thanks so much, Lindseysi! I will be sure to check out ABA when I move down there.

Re: electrologists in NYC- I will post a more detailed post in a couple of weeks (I have a huge exam coming up, no time, and currently procrastinating just being on this forum!)

But in brief-
My first electrologist was outside NYC in Mamaroneck (Westchester County). She was amazing and I had great results- her name is Margherite Torregiani and the salon she works out of (and partly owns, I think) is called Bodicures. Highly recommended.

Then I went to Elyse Mancher, in Park Slope Brooklyn (Park Slope Electrolysis). Margherite recommended her to me. She was good, though not quite as good as Margherite, I don’t think. Personally, she was a joy to visit.

For about 1.5 yrs, I went to Joy Anzarouth (Bare & Beautiful) on W. 55th St. She was such a nice and warm person, but I don’t think the treatments were very effective. Basically, she seemed to know what she was doing, but after a year and a half I saw v. little improvement. I know there are lots of factors involved, etc., so it is hard to judge. More details in my detailed post. But basically, the jury is still out.

I recently started going to Arlene Batz in Kew Gardens, Queens. So far, so good, but I have only had 3 treatments (incl. the 1st consultation, which was just a short treatment) so I can’t make any real judgments yet as to effectiveness. But so far, re: the experience of treatments has been excellent. I’ll also just mention that I’m working on a sensitive area and have had WAY less pain (hardly any, by my standards…i know it’s subjective) with Arlene than with Joy and Elyse. I also did a sensitive area w/Margherite and I don’t remember it hurting very much (tho this was 7 yrs ago…still hair-free there, btw).

OK was actually kinda long so i’d better get back to studying! But I promise to write more details soon.
Thank you again for all of your responses :slight_smile:

Thanks for the feedback. I’m sure others here will find it very useful in the future.

The best place I found in Manhattan is Absolutely Clear Electrolysis (13th Street and 6th Avenue).