puberty and hair HELP!

Ok, as some of you know, i`m 16 years old, nearly 17, and my question today is, with body hair, since started at about the age of 15, and now have a fair amount of hair, (which by the way, from every other guy my age i have seen, i have more than them = /) anyway my question is, since i hair some now, and started at the age of 14/15, could it be assumed that I might finish this year or the next, and reach adult appearance? I do now that as you age more does appear, but usually there is a more distict pattern and ect. help?

Chest, back and facial hair continue to develop into your 20s and 30s. Study your family members and read up on Tanner stages to find how far you have left to go.

I have the Ferriman & Gallwey (spelling?) chart, but what is Tanner?

A few minutes later: I googled it. It does include anatomical drawings…\J-1%20CARD%20Tanner%20Stages.pdf