PSORET 600-E® (pronounced "sorit")??

I found this product on Has anyone tried it? Here is what they claim.

"contains a powerful anti-androgen which is formulated to shut down the receptors responsible for hair growth activity (the pathway through the T-5 alpha-reductase receptor).

By blocking testosterone from instructing cellular proliferation/mitosis during a critical developmental stage, the entire growth phase (anagen) can be prevented.

This formula has shown substantial efficacy on secondary and post-secondary hair growth types (hair which emerges from the body following puberty between the ages of 18 and 38 years). Unlike other anti-androgens, cimetidine has not shown adverse reactions in female subjects or fetal impairment (such as what has been reported with the use of finasteride*). No erectile dysfunction or sexual performance implications have been associated with use. "

This is a scam to avoid.