ps-how long to do the face?


P.s how long does it take to treat the face. My Electrolgist is saying 18 months minimum-is this correct. By the way i will be increasing my sessions to two 1 hourly sessions a week. 1 hour to the sides of the face and the other hour to do the lip and chin-she uses shortwave. I am determined to get rid of it! Would you advise me to go for a treatment plan such as this as I am not sure. :confused:


The most difficult thing to get clients to understand is that the best plan of action has long, and or frequent appointments in the begining, and the duration and frequency of appointments will decline soon thereafter.

If you do what ever is needed to get a full clearance in 4 weeks time, you will have shorter less frequent appointments very soon. Although it could take 18 to 24 months to get to the point where you never need another treatment, you will NOT need to be seeing your electrologist every week for 18 months. You will start out with weekly treatments. You will then step down to either shorter treatments per week, or the same treatment time once every two weeks. That will become once a month, and that will become once in 3 to 6 months, and then you will be done.


Thanks for the advise James. It has made me even more determined to get myself hair free. The only thing that worries me is that im not sure if I have found the right electroloigist. This sight says that you should go and see as many electrologists in the area. Well my current electrologist is the third one ive seen. I just keep wondering whether there is someone more experienced than her out there. She’s the one who is the nearest to me, even though she is based across the city from me. I mean how long before I should be seeing a difference. I have been going to her for nearly 3 months on a weekly basis and feel that I need even more time-hence going in twice a week, although my upper lip has began clear. However i have began to notice tiny little red marks-like freckles on the top lip. Is this just a temporary thing? However, im not getting the full clearence you recommend and that i want on the other parts of my face. Should I wait and see as I am going to start this week to go in twice a week with a 1 hour session each time. Sorry for all the questions. I just want to know that I am doing the right thing, as I have already wasted alot of my money on waxing and laser-which made the problem alot worse.


Yes, you should see as many electrologists as you can in your area, and compare. It may be the case that there is someone in your area who is both faster, and more efficient at the same time. Without testing the market, you can’t know what is out there. Now there will be some electrologists who you will never want to see again. Those will make you appreciate the one you stay with even more than if you had never found out what a jungle it can be out there.

I am sure there is already a difference. There should be. However, I am sure that neither you, nor your electrologist took a proper “before” picture to remind you what you started with. Since most electrolysis is a slow process, it is easy not to notice the gradual change as it happens.

I have not seen your face, but I would think that you should be able to get clearance in a short time if you have a practitioner with skill, proper vision equipment, and a machine that allows her to treat an upper lip with a little more aggression.

The red spots should go away in weeks, to no later than 3 months. Most of the time this is just the inside of the treated follicle being shed slowly by the body as the layers of skin slough off.


Thanks James, you are 1 in a million. I have just booked consultations with 2 more electrologists in my neighbouring areas. They are both DRE and one has 19 years of experience and the other has 30. They are bit far but I am willing to travel to achieve my goal. I shall wait and see and will keep you posted on my progress. Thanks once again, I really dont know what I would have done without this site. :wink:


You are welcome, and I can tell you that both Andrea and I wished we had a site like this when we first started looking for someone to do our electrolysis. That is why this site exists.

Now if everyone participates, we will have lots more good info for everyone, and we can get the all important question, “Who is good in my area” answered for everyone. At least we hope we will.