Proteus EP 2000

If I remember correctly, this is the name of the machine that my electrologist uses.

I posted ‘Concerned About Treatment’ a few days ago but didn’t have this info. at that time.

Any comments or opinions on this machine?


How old is this machine? They don’t make them anymore, that is how old. The company that made them is out of business. That’s how old this one is.
Now don’t get me wrong. In the hands of a good practitioner, it is a very capable machine. Of course, in the wrong hands, it is a medieval torture device!

There are lots of newer machines out there than this one. The thing about the Proteus is that it is VERY HIGH POWERED, and in the wrong hands will blow a hole in your face!

I guess you know that though.

Thanks James,

I was afraid of that. I thought she was a good referal being that it came from my Endo., and she goes there herself. Although my Endo. did say that she didn’t really know all that much about electrolysis. (I asked her if it should be taking this long.) Like I said in my other post, I’ve been going for over a year and it looks as though I’m only about 1/2 way through. I had maybe 200 hairs to begin with.

It is pretty painful, and I get scabs that last a few days. She hasn’t damaged my face though.

Does a newer machine really make a lot of difference? Do you think I should try someone else?

Thanks, you are really a big help, and very dedicated.

Please don’t misunderstand me here. It is possible to get great results with an old machine. It is also true that newer machines allow more work, in a more concentrated area, thus allowing people with more difficult cases to be finished even sooner than they would be with a machine that can only treat 4 hairs per square inch before it is necessary to move to another section of skin, and not retreat that area for 3 weeks.

Of course, really bad scabbing would bother me, but light scabbing may not be too big a problem. If you scab, newer machines would either make this problem disappear, of make it last for a shorter period of time.

You are very welcome for any help that this gives you. I will always give back when I have time. Just my way of giving back to those who helped me when I was full of questions, and had no place to turn. :relaxed:

The Proteus Is a very good brand of machine no matter how old it is. Basically the professional electrolysis machines do not “wear” out. Actually, the Proteus is one of the more “comfortable” machines. Some of them are super hot boxes and “bite” the daylights out of you. The Proteus is nowhere as painful as any of the blend machines. So, don’t be deceived on ages of the machines. I know personally that it isn’t the machine but the machine “user” that counts. So, please give the woman a chance before jumping off the wagon with her. Some scabbing is natural. It is some other things you should worry about other than the light scabbing. Disposable Needles for one, cleanliness in her establishment, insertion of probe for best results, and others I could mention. Sometimes OLD is BETTER and do not worry about the machine that is being used on you. I used one for many years and I never had a bit of trouble from it; it worked perfectly and performance was wonderful Had many many pleased clients. They also stated that the machine was not as painful as some they had experienced. I am an electrologist of 20 years this October. Have seen and heard a lot and experience does count for many things in life.

Also, I am not certain James that I agree with your statement that the Proteus is a HIGH POWERED
Unit. What exactly are you referring to exactly? The setting on that or any machine can go high but surely any electrologist is not foolish enough to actually do so. Personally I think the Proteus is one of the best machines ever made and I have used a few in 20 years. Appreciate knowledge and remarks from anyone.

Didn’t mean to be redundant. :smile:

Thanks for your input!

When I say that the Proteus machine is “hotter”, what I mean is that it has a higher possible output than many other machines, even of the same age. Thus in the wrong hands, it can do more damage, and even in the right hands, may not be as comfortable as some machines available today. The newer machines can be set to one-one-thousandth of a unit on time and intensity, and reset to that exact treatment setting each and every time. This takes out the guess work that many older machines make a necessity. The newer machines also have a different current delivery method that gives a more targeted path of treatment energy, making blowouts less likely. There are other wonderful things that make the electrologist’s life, and the clients sanity easier to manage, but I won’t go in to that here.

I never, ever said that old machines don’t work. One of the problems in this industry is that the old machines DON’T wear out. There is never anything that forces someone to update equipment. They just have to want to do so. Since many people never even try out the new stuff, they don’t even know what they are missing. Thus their clients don’t ever get the benefit of what could be available.

</font><blockquote><font size=“1” face=“Verdana, Helvetica, sans-serif”>quote:</font><hr /><font size=“2” face=“Verdana, Helvetica, sans-serif”>The newer machines can be set to one-one-thousandth of a unit on time and intensity, and reset to that exact treatment setting each and every time.</font><hr /></blockquote><font size=“2” face=“Verdana, Helvetica, sans-serif”>Would be nice if the new microprocessor controlled machines saved the settings for an individual client. Call the marketing rep now for your favorite brand and tell them you need that feature NOW!

Save your long distance minutes Fred.
MY favorite computerized machines DO save the client’s settings automatically. :stuck_out_tongue:

My new machine does that as well…it’s fantastic!

One note about Proteus, I found out that’s what my electrolysist is using on my backside and man does that thing hurt…ouch!

I’ve asked her repeatedly to turn the thing down and she can’t understand why I’m so sensitive…geez louise she’s frying my butt.

Believe me if I had any other options in my small town I would use them but the other places won’t do this area so I’m kind of stuck. And I’m not too sure I want to teach the boyfriend how to do insertions either…hahaha!

Perhaps you want to bring your new machine with you to treatements and have her use your machine with your settings on you. All you need is her expertise at making insertions, your machine will do the rest. Although some would worry that she might run out and buy one, and you would not be the only one in the area with such a good unit, I doubt that would happen. After all, most think you loose control when you get a computerized unit. They just don’t understand the increased control you enjoy with one.

(see, I am not the only one who got spoiled with more gentle epilation and can’t go back to a proteus style unit without noticing)

Hey James, never thought of bringing my machine to get her to use it…hmmmmm, wonder if she’d go for it.
I have an appointment tomorrow so maybe I’ll broach the subject if I get up the nerve…I’m a big chicken!

Cluck cluck!!!


I take it she already knows you are training. All you have to do is bring your new machine in, and say, “Hey, you just gotta try this! I just got it, and it is soooooo cooooool!” Later, you can just say, that you like the difference so much, that, if she doesn’t mind, you will save her wear and tear on her machine and do all the rest of your work on yours. After all, machines should be recalibrated after a certain number of hours, and why should she be ticking off mileage on her machine when you own your own? :wink:

Sounds reasonable doesn’t it?

You don’t have to say, "This machine is more comfortable, and less irritating when used correctly, and the automatic insertion feature allows faster work because it eliminates the footpedal motion, and even tracks my treatment so I have information on how many hairs are removed per session and on and on and on. You can leave all that out. :relaxed:

Yes James it all sounds reasonable but being the big chicken that I am I probably won’t do it anyways…lol

I’d have to lug my machine through a crowded salon to get to her private room and that may make things uncomfortable for both of us, especially if any of her clients are sitting in the hair stations.

I did find out yesterday that she has never had her own underarms done so I was trying to suggest to her to get them done, you know we could barter or something like that. She didn’t exactly respond but she didn’t say “no” either…will see what happens.

I found another name of an electrolysist so I’m going to call her and see what kind of machine she uses and if she’ll do this area and maybe go for a consult…will let you know what happens.


It’s the hands holding the knife that makes the difference in an operation, the practitioner not the equipment.

Please click to and it you have further questions let us know!

Of course I would agree with that totally, but it just seems that the people using this machine have been trained to use torture mode when operating.

I’m getting used to it but a couple times I’ve asked her to lower intensity and increase time and she does do it, but it just never seems to be comfortable enough.

I wish I lived near you or James so I could find out how the pros work…this rinky dink town isn’t good for that.
I guess I’ll just have to become the pro eh?

Kathy :wink: