this may be kind of a silly question but…

since hair is made of protein, is it wise to cut down on your protein intake from foods? obviously not all protein but just the foods that are really high in protein? basically…am i encouraging more hair growth and stronger hair growth if i eat more protein?

No, not really. Unless you have a known medical hormonal or insulin issue, there is a very neglible effect to diet to hair growth IMO.

The body needs protein. Don’t cut your protein in the vain attempt to change hair growth patterns. Elimination of things that throw off hormonal balance, like artificial sweeteners would be a more wise dietary action.

There are some who suspect that the hormones that our cattle are injected with might have an effect on our own body systems, maybe even stimulate hair growth. I don’t know. Perhaps you can look into that. In any event, should you stop eating animal protein, replace it with other high protein foods (soy) or foods that, when combined, are processed like a protein (rice and beans) or free range type of drug free meats.

Because of more Hormones in out body we more hair on our body.There is no issue of protiens in growing hair,to some part i agree that some part of food vitamins will be go for growing hair,mostly with more hari people are look thin and healthy,because most of the calories and vitamins will be used for their hair.


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