Protecting the skin from long-term effects

I am writing to ask, what is the maximum amount of time an area could be worked on. Say, one forearm and how long should you wait to go back to it to treat again (i.e. remaining hair). Is a week enough time? I got some feedback from someone on “dermal collapse” and it is alarming me. The hair is medium density and medium to fine texture. A fairly high temperature is used and I believe my practitioner uses thermolysis. I have read that some people get 6-8 hours of treatment per session, per week and I know it is very important to get a clearance or I could be doing this forever. Anyone have long, intensive treatment and what does your skin look like now? Thanks so much.

I’m not having long sessions but I’m doing long sessions on myself.

My skin gets little red dots at all the follicles on the bikini area that I’m working on, but they go away after several days and then the skin looks normal again.
I have very sensitive skin so this is just normal for me, whether the session is long or short.

On my face I don’t get this same reaction the majority of the time.

My hair is very coarse where I’m working and my skin is very white with a pink undertone.

I think it is important that you get to first clearance also so I would recommend a couple long session per week until you get there.
Not too sure about the 6-8 hours though…my long session are 4-5 hours at a time.

Perhaps James can help us out here.


Although dermal collapse is something to consider, this is where the newer machines come in especially handy. Because the dispersal of treatment energy is more focused, and the field of damage is smaller, one may work longer sessions both because the client can tolerate it better, and because the skin can as well.

If you have Tina Marie’s Pics, you are looking at shots of someone who came to me after seeing someone else with results that she described already, and then we started doing two 3 hour appointments per week. I have even had clients who had true problems who have started out with as much as 3 hours a day 5 days a week.

Don’t get me wrong, I am not saying that we work the chin on Monday and do more work on it again Tuesday, but it is great to be free from a 4 hair per square inch rule when dealing with a client who has 250 thick white hairs in a square CENTIMETER!

So like many other things on this board, when you ask a question, there is no easy answer. The answer is once again, “It all depends.” It depends on what equipment is being used. It depends on the sensitivity of your skin. It depends on the thickness of the hairs you are having removed. Last, and by no means least, it depends on the skill of your operator.

So far, my record holding client did 7 hours of electrolysis spread out over 9 hours in the same day. If either one of us had been of a mind to continue, we could have, but the reason most of my starting clients limit sessions to 3 hours is simple boredom. Who can lay there longer than that, knowing they will not be staying up all night later. There is only so much rest one can take before the body gets restless.

To get back to the subject though, with the highest of treatment energies, and/or the oldest of equipment, 3 weeks before reworking the same skin is a good rule. With newer machines, and/or lower treatment energy values, 1 week is often sufficient.