Proper Treatment

I’m confused about when the hair is properly treated. If the hair slides out does that mean it was properly treated.? Will this hair return or does it need to be removed with the root in tact for it to be destroyed? Also if a hair is fine textured and removed but not properly treated can this hair eventually get coarse? Thanks

Hi skopie–

If the hair slides out it was properly treated, but it may still grow back if the current wasn’t high enough. You can dislodge a hair without killing it. However, a hair that slides out is usually a good sign that it’s been killed.

If a hair is fine textured and removed but not properly treated it can eventually get coarse. All follicles have the potential to become active if stimualted by hormones. That’s why many of us see more hair as we get older, even if we have had a lot of it killed alkready.

You won’t always see a large root at the end of a properly treated hair, because it depends on which part of the growth cycle the hair is in. For example, if it is at the end of its growth cycle (when it is getting ready to shed of its own accord), the root is just a small black tip rather than a long white shaft. However, you should be aiming to treat all regrowth as early as possible, as electrolysis appears to be more effective on hairs which are still in the first part of the growth cycle. If your electrologist is treating recent regrowth and you still don’t see any long white roots, that is more worrying and you should maybe look around for someone else.

Thanks KTB, I didn’t realize the root was a long white shaft I thought the root was the black round tip. We are always working on regrowth, my arms looked liked they were burnt in fire since we worked on them so much but the current electo is working with me trying to help. I am currently trying another one see my other post and the difference I notice is the new electro works slower and lower current and more precise therefore removing less hair but with more precision.

Yes, the root is often defined as the part of the hair relow the surface, with the very bottom called the bulb. The part above the skin is the shaft.

skopie, it should like the more precise one is a little more careful.