Hello,its been a while since i’ve posted so ill start fresh.I have been recieving laser treatments on my back for almost 2 years i am a 27 years old male skin type 3 itialian and european decent.My first 6 treatments were with the lyra laser and had six treatments 8 weeks apart with little if any result let grow in after 3 months all came back.So i said to myself oh well give it another try so i now drive 2 1/2 hrs to goto a laser center and they have 5 lasers.Ive started these tretments in december and i am going for my sixth treatment in a coulple of days i go every six weeks.I am very happy with the place im going to very friendly and knowledgeable and very reassuring.I get a great price so i keep going.My last tratment was at 25j at 12mm spot size im sure the next treatment we will goto 30 im told .I am getting minimal results with the laser i think, as of this week i have had to shave and it is coming back pretty heaivly but lighter i guess.In your guys opinion can u explain what a non-responder is and do i sound like one?After the treatments almost all the hair sheds and i get very red and bumpy 4 a few days so it works to that extent.But i have thick coars hair and that is the hair that it has trouble killing i though that was the hair that was supposed to respond the best.I cant say im completly unhappy because i do have a hair free time and maybe there has been a small reduction anything is a plus 4 me.Any opinions,comments,advice,or anything i could do to make my treatments more effective would be great Thanx


 I was just taking a good look at my back and other area,s( 3 months post tx # 14 some area,s tx 10) I started laser over 4 yrs ago . The results terrible, the hair is coming back like all the rest, no reduction.  Used the max energy last tx. I will wait 5 months post and get another, and this will go on forever. There is no hope in my case and i would say your case also.   Some techs will say 10% are non responders  , some say 20-25%  I say more like 50%.

every 5 months i would be so pleased.It seems like 14txs in 4 years is not many as i have almost that many in just short of to years.I hope thet something comes along that works permanently meaning forever that will work for everybody.I remain hopefull but it seems like no male that i can c has had permanent hair reduction for any long period of time unless u had close to nothing to start with?

Haven’t the hair on you backs got any thinner? I have had 6 treatments and although I think most hairs still are there, they are much much thinner so it looks like I’m much less hairy. I had coarse black hair and I have skin type 5 (brown skin).
I’m going to continue my treatments until the hairs is as fine as it can be and then start waxing. Hopefuly this will work well and hopefuly something will be discovered so that everybody that are suffering from hair problems can have normal lifes.

you both didn’t mention what laser was being used. without the exact laser name, we can’t judge if you’re being undertreated with 25J.