progress and fine downy hairs

After my electrolysis treatments, my underarm hair is slowly becoming thinner and thinner, similar to the downy hair on my stomach, or cheek. I’m really happy at my progress.

I want to continue with electrolysis in this area because I am very susceptible to ingrown hairs.

Even though my terminal hair seems to be one do most electrologists usually continue working on the hair when it reaches this point? Or do most clients stop at this point?

Most clients stop here, but the practitioner’s opinion on working further usually has more to do with that practitioner’s vision equipment, and what they can see, and perform good work on. One could not do justice to work on vellus hair, for example, without some powerful magnification and a fairly bright but adjustable light source.

It depends on quite how fine they are, how content you are with having the amount of fine downy hair you have and the equipment.
I have some on my forearms. At first glance, it doesn’t look like there is any hair there at all. Only up against the light do you see them. Most are short, but even the medium length (they’re not exactly long) are very fine. Most people aren’t fussed and are fine to leave it at that.

Thank you. I’m having a hard time seeing them myself ! But I don’t any of these to turn into a nasty ingrown.

They won’t. Arms aren’t a problem on that front. You’ll have maybe one if you’re really unfortunate…

It’s thighs/legs/bikini areas for women that are the worst areas for ingrown hairs and even there it’s much less common than when shaving or waxing.

If you are not going to remove them, they won’t have the chance to grow back (beyond the normal hair growth phases/cycle) into ingrowns.