Profs opinion?

What do you think about this womans technique? She uses insulated nemectron needle

stone knives and clubs…

Actuallly I should expand on that. The insertions are horrible To prove this point I showed ONE of these to my co-electrologist Ashly, who’s been working out of my office for about the last 17 or 18 months right out of school.The video watching went something like this: "Why is she holding the probe like that? omg why is she “STABBING” into the follicle? She’s completely missing it! Why is she not moving the tweezers in her hand ( which are more like salad thongs than tweezers) and moving her hand like that? "

I told her I had taught her well, and she was going to be a FINE electrologist. I’m so glad there’s someone competent to take over when I get too old and decrepid to do this anymore. Now i need to clone her .


It’s bad. I’ve seen so many videos across social media with this technique where it seems like the electrologist is trying to do a vaccine injection rather than electrolysis. You don’t need to push the probe in so hard, no need to break the skin. An opening already exists, so the probe should slide in comfortably in most cases.

If you watch videos from more skilled professionals, you’ll see that the skin doesn’t really dimple when inserting properly. Also notice in the third video that she has to treat multiple hairs multiple times in a row. If you take the time to insert properly, this wouldn’t happen as often.

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