Professional Waxing Help

How much will it cost me to wax my shoulders, upper arms, delts, chest, and stomach? Just a quote…avg price. Also, I get irratation from every temporary hair removal method including shaving and nair. Will I get ingrowns? Despite having very coarse hair, I don’t get too many when the hairs grow back in after my hair free period is over when I get laser treatments.

How long does do I have to grow hair out on these areas? How long can I expect to be relatively smooth? Is it worth it?

The site noted below will give you a general idea of prices. Should you decide to wax all of those areas in a single treatment, you will most probably get a discount. You have to ask them.

To minimize irritation, make sure the facility uses all types of waxes for all types of skin. If you go into a shop and the only pot of wax that you see is a big pot of honey colored wax, well, I wouldn’t want my loved ones to stay there for treatment.

For a quick temporary fix, waxing is great however you might have to be patient for that smooth feeling as should you get irritated, it might last a couple of days. It could be worth it to you should your hair stay away for a couple of months.

Aftercare azulene, aloe, tea tree are all very nice ingredients to use.

Wow those prices are alot cheaper than I thought. How does pain go for waxing compared to laser? I get EXCRUCIATING pain when I get laser treatments. I know some people, alot of women, say it doesn’t hurt at all. Well, I beg to differ. When you have dark thick hair that is almost as thick as some peoples beards it hurts.

They both hurt about the same. Some locations, where there are lots of pain receptors, hurt more.

In any event, for waxing, to minimize discomfort, hair should be between 1/8 - 1/4 of an inch and the wax should be removed in the opposite direction of hair growth at no greater than a 45 degree angle.

Good Luck.