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I know there is supposedly no such thing as a stupid question, but here it is:

I am about to go (for the second time in my life) to this very professional, very effective spa to have a brazilian wax done…only last time, I felt that I over-tipped: I mean, it was a great job, but not THAT much of a great job. I tipped the woman $20 on a $45 job, and although even THEN I knew I was overtipping, I handed it over during that awkward phase afterwards when she was cleaning the area and I was scrambling to get my clothes back on. I pretty much just grabbed the first bill I saw and didn’t bother calculating it. She did smile when I stuffed it into her hand, and I’m still not sure if it was because it was a 20, or because I looked so flustered.

Anyway, I will be heading back this week, but this time, even if I am feeling awkward or humiliated, I would like to be a bit more LOGICALLY prepared. At a truly professional spa, what is an appropriate percentage to tip??

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As someone who has just started body waxing recently, I have the same question.

Also, does it make a difference if it is the salon owner who does the waxing?

regarding THAT question, soph, i believe the tip wouldn’t change if the owner were doing the work…in fact, it is likely that you might get better service!


soph, i went ahead and did some more sleuthing on my own, and found another forum that seemed to answer our question:

Tipping for a Brazilian Wax

basically, one of the members suggested anywhere from 10-20% (15% standard) for professional salon work.

hope that helps.

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Thanks for the info! That was a very helpful link.