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where can I get more information on becoming a professional electrologist? how long does it take ? and are there schools for it or just regular college?

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The answer to your question varies greatly depending on your location, and as such we can not possibly give you any information relevant to you without that information. That is why no location in profile is the #1 pet peeve on this board.

Each and every question you have asked would have a different answer for me if I moved 70 miles North, West, or South of my location.

I’m in Pasadena, Ca

Greetings Hekzz!
There is an electrology school near to you in Long Beach, CA. The following information was taken from The American Electrology Association website.

Have you ever had work done yourself? Many electrologists became interested in the profession by first being a client. This is the way I developed a love for electrology because it helped me.

Good Luck to You!

American Institute of Education - 4204 Atlantic Ave. Long Beach, CA 90807 Call toll free 1-888-844-HAIR (4247)

Distance Learning for Electrology available at this site. Click here for more information

The Electrology program at the American Institute of Education, Long Beach Campus is a 600 hour State approved program leading to licensure and a rewarding career as a professional registered electrologist. The school offers on-campus training for residents of States that require licensing as well as distance learning using the power of the Internet for those who reside in the 19 States in our country that have no licensing requirements. See our web site for details. The school operates on an open enrollment basis. Start any day and attend according to your personal schedule. You can complete your on-campus training in as little as four months. Distance learning takes even less time! Students regularly attend from across the USA and the Directors are knowledgeable about licensing criteria outside of California. AIE offers a “no-interest” pay-as-you-go payment plan, as well as government backed Sallie Mae Financial Corp. student loans. AIE is approved by Veterans Affairs, the WIB, EDD, and has been State approved since 1986. Student housing is available.

Hi Hekzz,

Some side notes on the American Institute of Education in Long Beach, which I highly reccommend.

I studied electrology there and passed my State Boards with flying colors on the first pass. I found my time there to be a highly rewarding experience and frankly, one of the best experiences of my life.

One thing to note: They do not offer specific course dates as such. You start on whatever date you can and work through the course on your own schedule. They will also facilitate part-time schedules. They also have good, well maintained equipment.

Ron Davis, who owns and operates the school, uses several skilled electrologists from the area as instructors which gives you an extremely varied mix of experience to draw from. Additionally, as the clinic is in a culturally diverse area, you will wind up working on a wide variety of skin and hair types.

Ron himself is a very good resource and is very skilled at making it possible for you to attend. He will happily assist you with everything from getting the financing, if you need it, at the lowest possible cost to practical advice on setting up your practice once you complete the course. He is one of the nicest and most knowlegeable individuals that I’ve ever had the fortune to come in contact with.

One thing in regards to “distance learning” for those in the State of California: California does not accept on-line hours as a part of your total course hours for qualification for the State Board exams. You must attend a school for all credited hours. As I live in the S.F. Bay Area, I was able to rent a small studio apartment in Long Beach while I was down there.

Whatever you decide to do, best of luck!
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