Professional electrologist in Norway / Oslo?

Greetings all,

I wonder if there are any good electrologist in Oslo, Norway?
Do you by any chance have a name I can look for?

In addition I add a question for the experts: With proper insertion and current, does the hair dies in one zap?

Thank you in advance.

Yes, with proper insertion and the proper amount of current, the electrologist can destroy for ever the follicle (thus, the "hair dies’ or better said, the treated hair will never grow back) the first time.

Contact the people at “Schonheit og Helse” … your health and beauty magazine in Norway. Plenty of great zappers in Norway!

Thank you both for replying, I appreciate that.

Mr. Bono, are you familier with an electrologist called Cecilie Løvaas? She claims that she was your student. Would you recommend her?

However, she doesn’t believe that a hair can be killed in one zap, which makes me wonder…

Yes, SecretSid, Cecilie Løvaas was my student. Her mother Sidsel invited me to Norway several times and we conducted seminars. Cecilie? You cannot do better!

(If you do go to her, can you ask her to have her father Truls contact me … I’ve lost his email and phone number. It’s time to go salmon fishing!)

Perfect, thank you for the confirmation. I have had 13 hours sessions with her so far, and she is a wonderful human being and seems to do well so far. Cecilie told me about her mother’s cooperation with you as well. She may rest in peace.

I will meet Cecilie again on Thursday, and will let her know.
Salmon fishing sounds fun, thank you for the invitation. Just kidding, however it will be an honour to meet you if you visit Norway.

tusen takk!

I missed salmon fishing with Truls and sons a few years ago … maybe he can come here for “tuna season?”

So far, your Norwegian grade is A!

I will let Cecilie know regarding his father and fishing with you.

Again thank you for the confirmation. Next time you speak to Cecilie, you shall tell her about the one zap kill. She may not be fully updated on that.

Wish you a great Sunday!

About 7 years ago one of my clients from Norway underwent a small test with Cecilie.
If I remember correctly, there were only a dozen hairs treated during that test. A few months later the client could clearly identify the exact place where the test was carried out due to the small bald existing among the thousands of remaining hairs.

That said, I want to think that the reason for making such a claim is to avoid creating high expectations in the client.